Open your heart, ‘Kamnan’ screams out at the house, afraid of needles, accepts children, mother gives motorcycles Hire to inject the drug. I haven’t taken it yet.

In the case of an atmosphere clip published between a nurse about to inject a second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine to Kamnan Art Mr. Smith Supapornchai Kamnan, Chet Samian Subdistrict, inside the house in Chet Samian Subdistrict, Photharam District, Ratchaburi Province, which appears as a wife took a clip While Kamnan Art Lying in bed, snuggled up with a blanket on the bed for fear of syringes causing the doctor to persuade him for a long time to successfully inject

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Latest (26 Oct.) Kamnan Art Mr. Smith Supapornchai Revealed that he was afraid of needles since childhood. There was one incident that required vaccination. The mother hired a bicycle. But he himself did not take along with returning from the Chet Clerk Hospital to the house immediately without vaccination And when the first vaccination was given at the Chet Clerk Hospital, he refused to go until his subordinates had to help carry them into the car. and taken to the hospital In order to go to bed for the nurse to get the first injection before going, there was a previous vomiting. which until it can be injected, it is difficult Cried enough for the hospital

“Usually, during the vaccination period, villagers come to help, but they look at a distance and do not walk into the injection site. Because just seeing it makes me afraid. And on October 25, 2021, is the day that I have to vaccinate my second dose of AstraZeneca. must be vaccinated The doctor called to follow up. So told the doctor that If I didn’t go, the doctor tried to call and I didn’t go until the doctor secretly came. and came to know later that It’s the wife’s plan. which I do not know The wife will secretly take a photo clip as well,” said Kamnan Art.

side Mrs. Chalinya Supapornchai Kamnan Art’s wife said that her husband was very afraid of needles. Since the first vaccination At that time, he almost fainted in a hospital bed. When I had to have 2 injections, my husband told me not to go because I was afraid and had stress. So took me to a facial massage to relax. and made an appointment with the doctor at the Chet Clerk Hospital that the husband refused to inject at the hospital After work, can I ask for injections at home? The doctor said yes. Therefore, he made a plan to act ignorantly. Let your husband sleep in peace. until the evening When the doctors and nurses arrived at home, they suddenly attacked and injected them. Therefore, according to the picture seen

Reporters reported that after vaccination Kamnan Art did not have any side effects. Only slept for one night after that. Kamnan Art has joined the area with the mayor of Chet Samian Subdistrict Municipality. Work to see the construction area of ​​the railway survival tunnel to help alleviate the suffering of the villagers of Chet Samian Sub-District without any noticeable symptoms

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