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The Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero accused the Guanajuato State Attorney General’s Office of having staged the arrests of the mother, sister and cousin of the leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel because the weapons were not firearms and the drug was not close, so he warned that has already started an investigation against the prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa.

In a radio interview with Joaquín López Dóriga, Gertz Manero explained that the Guanajuato prosecutor’s office issued search warrants for the search for a stolen vehicle and then “I don’t know where they found these people and that one of those people was carrying a gun, which is from these gas weapons, is not a firearm; and that there was a smaller quantity of drugs in that house that was not the matter ”

“Once they were in that situation and they realized that everything they had completed had nothing to do with what their own judges had authorized and that they already had detainees who did not know what to do with them, so they went the day after they had done all that and they had already issued the search warrant, they go to the Federal Public Ministry and the delegation and they say ‘take charge of yourself’.

“Then the Public Ministry cannot do it because it cannot assume a procedural responsibility that he did not do, of conducts and proceedings that he did not carry out and with which he does not agree, how will he accept it? In what capacity or with what obligation? ”

He said that the FGR delegation did not accept because they were not federal crimes, because it was drug dealing and “a weapon that is not a weapon,” in addition to the search warrants being issued by the local authority.

“Then they couldn’t fit the dead man, they leave with a judge of theirs, a local judge, and the local judge tells them exactly the same thing that our delegate told them ‘hey no, you were given permission to do certain behavior and you went to do another and that does not correspond and all the data you give is not valid ‘and he never says that this is a federal matter, no, he assumes it as a matter of common jurisdiction and is rejected. ”

He accused that with these anomalies the operation was “ridiculous to say the least” and to an express question he maintained that “of course” that it was even a set-up. For what he considered “a lack of respect for the role we have and for those who exercise public office” that the Guanajuato authorities accuse the FGR of the release of the relatives of The Brown”.

And he announced that he ordered an investigation against the Guanajuato prosecutor for these anomalies in the process and for the accusations that he insisted, have no basis.

“Guanajuato has been a hell of violence for five years and this prosecutor has been there for 11 years, we are going to start a procedure, I am telling you publicly, we are going to start a procedure to clarify all these behaviors and see if there is any imputation of a legal nature. I cannot be managing an institution based on a series of gossip and media accusations, it is a very serious thing ”.



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