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  Reporter Jia Yanfeng reports Compared with the continuous news during the preparation period last season, the current Dalian team is a little calmer, but there are still endless rumors. The stricter admission system is undoubtedly a big mountain in front of Dalian people. A mountain to climb. Compared with last season, many operations were vigorous and vigorous, this season, Dalian seems a little flat, or, the positioning of Dalian people this season is very low-key, because they cannot introduce new players, and some of the main players leave the team, so the club has to face it. Regarding the reality, the performance indicators for the new season are still placed on relegation.


Wanda’s attitude is crucial

The first step in relegation is to qualify for the Chinese Super League; to stay in the Chinese Super League, you must first pass the entry barrier and pay back all the money owed in the past that has been adjudicated by the country or FIFA.

This year’s league entry standards are difficult to follow in three steps like last year. The Football Association has repeatedly requested that teams must seize the time to complete the payment of debts, and must submit the evidence of payment of debts before March 5. In fact, the Chinese Football Association has given the teams enough time to solve the problem. If it can’t be solved, the team can only fail to pass the registration. The Dalianers can be said to have a positive image and a high popularity in the Chinese professional league last season, but in fact they are also facing the dilemma of admission. The many high-priced contracts signed by Wanda when running the club are in the process of being repaid. Wanda Group and the Dalian Football Reform Team previously had an agreement that after Wanda withdraws from the operation and management of the club, it will also be responsible for three years of operating expenses. This year is the second year of the agreement. According to this agreement, the operating expenses of the club during the Chinese Super League period are 150 million yuan per year, and that of the Chinese Premier League is 100 million yuan.

These 150 million and 100 million sounds quite a lot, but these fees should theoretically include all the arbitration arrears repayments incurred in the year, whether international or domestic. Last season, the relevant leaders of the Dalian Municipal Government came forward to negotiate. Wanda repaid some relatively large amounts of wages owed by foreign players, and did not fully pay them out of the club’s operating expenses. This ensured that the funds of the first team can be maintained normally. Operate and allow the team to achieve better results.

If Wanda also encounters difficulties in capital flow, it will be difficult for the Dalianers to survive. Therefore, whether the Dalianers can survive in the new season and the quality of their survival depends on Wanda’s attitude.


live on sponsors

The Dalian team flew to the Mission Hills base in Haikou on February 15th, and started their first training in Haikou on February 16th. Compared with last year, the team lacked Tong Lei, Dong Yanfeng, Sun Guowen, Wu Wei, Shan Huanhuan and other main players or main substitutes, but there were also individual loan players returning, and foreign aid was in place, so the overall number Not much ups and downs. The foreign players all returned to the team on time, and entered the winter training at the same time as the Chinese players. Under the good team discipline of the Dalian people, no player was overweight, so the training plan of the head coach Xie Hui can also be carried out smoothly.

Perhaps because he is used to strong winds and waves, Xie Hui’s mood does not seem to be too much affected by outside rumors. As the head coach, his mood will have an important impact on the whole team. Although there are many rumors surrounding the team, the time for winter training is precious, so the team’s training at this stage has not been greatly affected.

The fate of the team can be divided into two parts: one part depends on whether Wanda’s funds can guarantee the team’s admission; the other part depends on whether the team can play well for the whole season and withstand the pressure of not signing in once the admission is passed. Successfully completed the relegation. Admission is not something that players can decide. From any point of view, all parties are working hard to solve the issue of admission. It just takes time. Once the admission is passed, the performance of the players is crucial. Therefore, everyone is doing their best for the fate of the team after passing the admission. Otherwise, once the team relaxes, it may be too late to make up after the team passes the admission.

Looking back at the past few years, Dalian football seems to have been accompanied by hardships. There are some rumors before the start of almost every season. For example, before the Dalian people replaced the Chinese Super League last season, there were rumors that the team would definitely be relegated. , and then completely quit, because only by completely quitting can some unrepayable accounts be written off and start from scratch, but in the end the team not only did not have a yellow card, but also made up for the Super League, and even got a pretty good one under that situation. score. I thought the team would get better this year. After all, last year’s performance boosted morale and brought more attention and traffic to the city. However, this year’s situation is still difficult because none of the Chinese Super League teams have self-hematopoietic functions. It cannot bring direct economic benefits. Therefore, although the entire operating cost has been reduced, it still cannot change the embarrassment of only spending money and not making money, and it also brings instability in survival.

Everything depends on the sponsors. If the sponsors encounter financial difficulties, it is tantamount to bringing the team into the same difficulties.


Big impact, but not fatal

At present, it seems that Dalian people may not be able to sign in this year’s winter window and summer window. Whether it can improve depends on Wanda’s attitude. From the current situation, Dalian people can only rely on the signings of last season to complete this season. relegation task.

If only from the perspective of the team, it should not be considered an absolutely impossible task. The process may be very thrilling. The key is to see whether the top and bottom can withstand it. Let’s see if the club can get the same support as last season. Last season, the team made up part of the salary arrears before going out, and the city leaders saw them off in person. After winning the game, the salary and bonuses were paid in a timely manner. Everything can show that this team is cared and Some people support it. Therefore, although the salary is not high, most players can accept it. The game is tough, and the players can hold on. In the end, the team won respect for Dalian and the hearts of Dalian fans.

Therefore, even if the Dalian people cannot introduce new aid this season, it will not be a fatal blow to this team with steely will and fighting style. No complaints. What really affects the fate of the Dalianers is their value to the city—no matter how much the players want to show the style of the football city, and no matter how much the fans love this team, if their survival and hard work Meaning is no longer so important to the city, and the team is really in danger.