Opfinger farmer wants to bring farmers and nature conservationists together – district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

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Martin Linser is the new district chairman
of the Badisch Landwirtschaftlichen Hauptverband Freiburg. He wants to develop the cooperation with nature conservation, says the Opfinger farmer.

Martin Linser, a farmer from Opfingen, is the new chairman of the Freiburg District Association of the Baden Agricultural Main Association (BLHV). In an interview with Max Schuler, he says what he sees as the greatest challenges for agriculture, what he learned from his predecessor Friedbert Schill and how he rates his own website.

BZ: How do you want to organize the district association in the future and where do you see the greatest challenges?
Linser: There are numerous construction projects that keep us busy: The expansion of the B31-West, the third and fourth tracks of the Rheintalbahn and the new Freiburg district of Dietenbach. A lot of agricultural land is to be sealed everywhere there, which I see critically. We have to look very carefully and make our point of view clear. Also in the referendum on species protection – “Save the bees”, I am curious whether the farmers are actually involved in this way …