Oppo Find X3: a range of three smartphones announced in March?

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is preparing for the March launch of its new flagship, according to Jon Prosser.

See you on March 11

On Twitter, Jon Prosser posted an image of four phones with a caption mentioning the names of three models and revealing an announcement date, March 11, as well as a shipping date, April 14. The smartphone’s camera block, which appears to house four lenses, was immediately compared to that of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

“Everyone is going to start saying this is a copy of the iPhone but at least it looks different and pretty cool. It also looks very stylish.”said leaker Ishan Agarwal.

“I love that companies try something new and different instead of just copying Apple.”, wrote one Twitter user.

Oppo does not hesitate to release gadgets that are strongly inspired by iconic Apple products such as the Oppo Watch, but it is also exploring new avenues with the Oppo X 2021, its concept of a roll-up screen smartphone.

Article from CNET.com adapted by CNET France


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