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OPPO launches the first version of ColorOS Developer Preview based on Android 12

by archyw

Android 12 focuses on improving the interface, as well as on the security of user data, which also become the basic principles of ColorOS.

Following the release of Android 12 Developer Preview, OPPO unveils the Android 12 Beta 1 version available on the OPPO Find X3 Pro smartphone, through which developers can explore the latest software updates. Furthermore, the basic principles of Android 12 are the security and confidentiality of user data, while providing a more personalized experience and improved performance.

Android 12 is designed to give users more transparency and control, allowing them to give applications access only to the approximate location, block camera and microphone access from the Quick Settings panel, enable hibernation of applications that do not have been used for more than 90 days and more.

In terms of user experience, the most important updates include greater compatibility with multimedia formats, but also support for inserting more content. The system also features improvements to the details of the user interface, giving them new functionality of notification panels and updated operating methods.

For gamers Android 12 offers the possibility to receive haptic audio feedback through the vibrations of the phone.

Looking ahead to a smarter 5G era, OPPO and Android are working together to extend mobile experiences and services to existing and potential users. OPPO will also continue to work with global developers and partners to explore an open and integrated ecosystem.

The preview version is available for developers who want to test compatibility and development capabilities, and may include bugs that may affect daily use. Therefore, we do not recommend this update to regular users. The consumer version will be available soon.

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