opponents are now targeting the Seine-Maritime department

The beginning of the year 2022 marks the hour of general remobilization for the opponents of the Rouen East bypass project. In a working session on Saturday January 8, they have just defined several axes of mobilization, including an institutional one, which aims to obtain the withdrawal of the project from the Seine-Maritime departmental council.

The Seine-Maritime department, “weak link” in the project for the opponents

They were 80 opponents, members of around thirty associations gathered at the MJC Rouen Rive Gauche on Saturday January 8. The opportunity to start again against the bypass project, after the immense disappointment caused by the announcement of the validation by the government, on December 15.

As for the institutional battle, the “anti-circumvention” are turning to the departmental council of Seine-Maritime, strong in the rallying of the metropolis of Rouen. “We know that the weak link in the financing of the project is the departmental council. However, he will discuss his budget very soon, on February 3, “ explains Christine Poupin, member of Coalition Climat Rouen

A date in the sights for the opponents, who matter influence elected officials during the budget vote :  “in this budget there is an increase in its contribution for this project, whereas it does not fall under the competence of the departmental council! The money would be better used for children’s aid, for example. We know that decision-making will be fragile.

Opponents demand more from the metropolis of Rouen

After having obtained the rallying of the metropolis of Rouen to their cause, the “anti-circumvention” want it to go further: “the metropolis not only said no to the project, it also said yes to other alternatives and ways of getting around. The metropolis must go further in its communication to promote them to the inhabitants “ arguments Christine Poupin.

Meetings with the metropolis have been requested. In the meantime, the mayor of Rouen and president of the metropolis Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol kicks in touch: “our position is well known, we are going to express ourselves politically since we have already done so. I wonder especially about the timing of the government’s decision, a few months before the elections, as if by chance. We have been walking our territory for 20 years. “

As for the legal battle, opponents are betting on the Council of State and on the work undertaken at the national level by “Our common business” and “The Affair of the Century”. They make an appointment for a new working meeting on February 5 in Val-de-Reuil, and for a long hike on the site of the project on February 26.


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