Opportunities and risks of a new German Olympic project

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Dhe signal that Alfons Hörmann sent around the world on Tuesday morning was a source of great joy in the rooms of Rhein Ruhr City 2032 GmbH in western Cologne. Only at the beginning of the month, the entrepreneur Michael Mronz moved into an inconspicuous building on a large arterial road, from here he wants to bring the 2032 Summer Olympics to North Rhine-Westphalia. Those responsible at the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) remained reserved for a long time, some would have preferred to support Berlin’s application. Now, however, DOSB boss Hörmann (in a dpa interview) says that Rhein-Ruhr “clearly offers a better starting position than Berlin at the moment.”

Because after more than three years of preparatory work, the project has a lead over the capital. And because “the mood in Rhein-Ruhr paints a gratifyingly positive picture in each of the municipalities involved,” says Hörmann. This has resulted in a Forsa survey. In Berlin, one could imagine an application for 2036 if the opportunity arose, even if Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer spoke out against the appointment 100 years after the Nazi games. “I think 2036 is a good date,” said director Friedhard Teuffel of the Berlin State Sports Association. “Because it is a great opportunity to show how Germany has changed.”



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