Optical illusion: Spot the mouse in 20 seconds

The picture shows a mouse hiding among the colored balls

What if you can’t believe what you see with your own eyes? Such a situation creates optical illusion images.

Challenging both the eye and the brain, optical illusion images often test our patience. It may not be possible to find what is hidden in the pictures at a glance. They may be hiding in unexpected places.

If you observe with a little patience without straining your eyes, you can find the hidden ones. Once again, a little patience is required. Keep this in mind and try to find the hidden baby mouse in this picture in 20 seconds.

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The baby mouse is hiding among the colorful mushrooms. This beautiful picture was drawn by Hungarian writer and illustrator Gergely Dudas.

The picture shows a mouse hiding among the mushrooms and peeking out. Some found the baby rat, but many failed. This is due to the optical illusion created by the colors.

Can you spot the baby mouse in a record time of 20 seconds? Look at the picture again.

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Optical illusion, Optical illusion image, Spot the mouse

Couldn’t win the challenge within the time limit? Let me give you a hint. The rat is hiding in the lower left part of the picture. Isn’t it easy?

Most of you must have found the rat. One more detailed hint for those who haven’t seen it. A white mouse peeks out from behind the orange mushroom in the lower left. If you still can’t find it, take a look at this picture where the mouse is hidden.

Optical illusion, Optical illusion image, Spot the mouse

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