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The L1 Works Council does not intend to advise on the appointment of a new director for the time being. The Works Council first wants the conflict that has arisen between the Supervisory Board and the staff of the broadcaster to be resolved.

The works council has now hired a lawyer. That lawyer, Loe Sprengers, sent a letter to the Supervisory Board (Supervisory Board) on Thursday afternoon.

No more confidence in the Supervisory Board
L1 staff on Tuesday relinquished confidence in the Supervisory Board after the contract with two broadcasting directors has not been renewed. According to the staff, the SB takes unacceptable risks. The Works Council believes that the Supervisory Board endangers the continuity of broadcasting by not employing two well-functioning directors, especially in this financially difficult corona period.

Due to the forced departure of the directors, L1 has no management since July 1. According to the Supervisory Board, there is a replacement for one of the directors, but who it is and when he or she can start is not known. For the time being, the Supervisory Board does not provide an answer to the question of who has been responsible for the management duties of the broadcaster until then.

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Restore confidence
The works council first wants to meet with the supervisory directors to make agreements about the use of a mediator to resolve the conflict between the staff and the SB. Only then does the works council want to advise on a new director nominated by the Supervisory Board. The supervisory directors, in turn, have previously announced that they do not want to enter into discussions with the works council until after the appointment of a new director ‘under the supervision of an external discussion leader’. The works council disagrees. The Works Council believes that the discussion should come before the advisory procedure on a new director. “We do not want irreversible decisions to be made now,” said chairman Marcel Ermers of the works council.

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Hans Coppus, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of L1, was not available for comment. The other members of the Supervisory Board are Mirjam Depondt-Olivers and Raoul Willms.


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