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Of the Constitution, on Sunday, September 16, 2018.

 Dr. Abbas Orabi, professor of internal medicine, president of the Arab Forum for Diabetes, said that vitamin D deficiency can occur without symptoms, warning that the patient is unaware of vitamin D deficiency only at a later stage. The national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of vitamin D deficiency, launched by the National Council for Women in cooperation with the company "Eva Pharma", that the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, the most important feeling of stress and loss of memory and bone pain and bad mood, stressing the need not to rely only on the emergence Symptoms, and analysis to ensure that no vitamin deficiency in every person "There are factors that increase the risk of vitamin D deficiency, including weight gain, dark skin, sun exposure and low intake of fish and dairy products," he said. Studies have shown a clear link between vitamin D deficiency, diabetes, Blood, arteriosclerosis, heart failure and heart failure. Vitamin D has a fundamental relationship to maintaining calcium levels in the body. Calcium is responsible for anything in the body. Insulin will not be able to get out of its cells inside cells. Finally, we extend our thanks to you and visitors Al-Sharq Al-Sharq Al-Awsat website, and we promise to provide you with all the new and important news from all the reliable news sources, where we transferred (Arabi: vitamin D deficiency can occur without symptoms), and the source is responsible for the health of the news.
Source: Constitution



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