Mark Vincent Hurd, one of Oracle's chief executives, has succumbed to illness on Friday. That's from a message Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison posted on Hurd's website. Ellison describes the deceased as a "close and irreplaceable friend. (… All of us at Oracle) miss Mark's sharp wit and his rare ability to analyze, simplify, and quickly solve problems."

Born in 1957, Hurd began his career in 1980 as a salesman at NCR and worked his way up to the presidential and CEO offices. In 2005, he replaced Carly Fiorina as CEO Hewlett-Packards (HP), shortly after its acquisition Compaqs. He went for cost reductions, cutting many jobs, bought EDS and 3COM, and transformed HP into a broad-based IT corporation.

In Hurd's term also fell in 2006 sniffing affair at HP. The company had spied on journalists and board members illegally. HP boss Hurd was obviously on the spying in the picture.

In 2010, the manager had to resign, although investigations had alleviated the interim charge of sexual harassment. Only a month later, Hurd was back in business – as President Oracles together with Safra Catz. In 2014 Ellison also left the CEO post to Catz-Hurd. Under this leadership Oracle invested in the cloud and took over several relevant companies.

On September 11, 2019, Oracle boss Hurd surprisingly went on sick leave, but no longer recovered. He leaves his wife Paula, once a NCR manager herself, and two daughters.


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