Oral sex re-enacted for Instagram photo in Moscow: imprisonment for influencers

With the photo, Ruslani Murodschonsoda and Anastasia Schistova offended the “feelings of believers”, a Moscow district court ruled on Friday. The two were arrested in late September after the suggestive photo was published.

It shows how Shistova kneels in a jacket with the words “Police” in front of Murodzhonsoda near St. Basil’s Cathedral. You have since apologized for the picture. The Tajik blogger is best known for his pranks on Instagram. Before his site was recently shut down, he had over 100,000 followers. Shistova is described by the media as an Instagram model.

In Russia, the authorities are increasingly cracking down on any form of dissent, while at the same time the influence of conservative circles is increasing. President Vladimir Putin is now presenting himself as a defender of traditional values ​​and regularly appears alongside leading representatives of the Orthodox Church.