No worries about Orange's banking offer. Paul de Leusse, deputy general manager of the operator in charge of Orange Bank, wanted to reassure Parisian that online banking had reached 200,000 accounts in one year of existence (a birthday celebrated on October 2nd).

Even better, while the pace of account creation was rather quiet, growth accelerated in October with more than 20,000 accounts, compared to 15,000 to 20,000 per month this summer! ". 30% to 40% of customers use their Orange Bank account « very frequently ", while " 5 to 10% of the accounts were closed during the year ".

The manager confirmed that while Orange Bank has a good share of young urban 60% of them are families Reassured by the presence of the offer in Orange shops. An invaluable competitive advantage vis-à-vis the neobanks only virtual … but despite everything, Orange Bank posted losses: 94 million euros in 2018, and we will not expect profitability next year. The return to equilibrium is not expected before 2023.

On the one hand, conquering customers " it's expensive. Until November 11th, the welcome gift for opening an Orange Bank account is € 160 instead of € 80 for Orange and Sosh subscribers. " The other investment is the launch of innovations ". Several are on the program for 2019, including a Premium card for which the bank is still evaluating the rate; Among the functions provided, free payment and withdrawal fees abroad and a CVV code that changes every hour.

Orange Bank will also put in place a loan offer (" very short financing, a few months "To finance devices" which can cost more than 1,000 euros ". On a more pragmatic plan, Paul de Leusse explains that the iOS application has benefited from improvements to calm the discomfort of customers who had difficulty registering with an iPhone. Fixes that will be made to the Android app.



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