The Board of Supervisors of Orange County approved an emergency declaration by Monday and provided better training for healthcare providers and first responders as they sought out the potential influx of coronary virus patients.

This action concluded that a crew of the Orange County Fire Authority firefighters had been segregated at Irvine station after arriving at a patient who was deemed to have the COVID-19 virus.

The results of the trials were returned late Monday evening showing that the patient did not have a coronary virus, so the four firefighters were released and sent home, according to OCFA officers.

The Engine Body transferred 20 firefighters who traveled internationally and had signs such as COVID-19 to a district hospital on Saturday night.

“Of an abundance of warnings, we isolated the team and cleaned them tightly” their truck and fire station, Windsor said. “The team remains isolated in the station until we get the test results.”

She said the crew was self-quarantine until the test results came back. The remainder of the Engine Company’s 20 firefighters who were not on call, including the battalion chief, were moved to another station.

According to a memo from OCFA CEO Brian Fennessy dated Sunday, “Unfortunately, the response team used some of the recommended personal protective equipment, but not all.”

The emergency declaration is “to ensure that our county is happy to deal with any infection or … outbreak in our county,” said Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do at an emergency meeting on Monday.

“The public may be slightly confused about the level of alert they should have and how urgent this response is, but we don’t have the opportunity to take the opportunity, ” he said. ‘ We are responsible for the health of our residents, so what I want to do as a county is to assess our readiness. “

It showed that “logistical challenges” elsewhere also have “delays and perhaps some mistake made, so we do not want to be placed in the same position.”

The emergency declaration makes it easier for the county to use additional resources from state and federal authorities in the event of an outbreak.

“We only have the resources and the protocol to be in place so that we won’t scream at the last minute to meet demands,” said.

The increased training of healthcare providers in the county is now “more essential that over 100 healthcare workers in Solana County have been exposed to coronavirus,” he said. “As such, of the 89 cases reported in the Faculty of Sunday, 42 were found and tested, of which 19 were travel related and 19 were one-to-one.”

He said it was “a bit frightening” that there are four cases that are not certain about the transmission.

“There are reports of 600 people here in Orange County under voluntary quarantine, ” said.” They are in a voluntary quarantine because they traveled to mainland China recently. “

Do not add, “But who others traveled to Italy, Iran or South Korea?”

Following the hearing, inform the City News Service that it was concerned that the board was not aware of the incident with the OCFA. He said he did not believe that the county’s Healthcare Agency was informed.

“You would be expected to provide information for this so that I could circulate it to the public, particularly in light of our special board meetings where this topic was discussed to some extent, ” I said. OCFA was always an agency and sometimes it is difficult to get information from… I don’t know why, but over the years it is my sense. “

Do not add whether or not the positive test ends, “we cannot wait until a person has made a declaration before informing the public.”

“We must help the public to minimize contact with others if they are not sure themselves. Because of the time the incubation period runs, it may be too late and the individual will be affected. He has revealed many others to him. “

Superintendent Don Wagner, who has Irvine as part of his area, said, “It was disappointing to learn about the media. I am not sure whether this information was at OCFA, or HCA, or both, but a briefing before the However, I do not think he would have changed anything. “

Windsor said that an email of Fennessy’s memo about the possible Sunday disclosure was sent to the agency’s board of directors, including Wagner and Superintendent Lisa Bartlett, who was in Washington, D.C., on Monday business of the county. The fire authority also updated county health officers prior to the Monday meeting, Windsor said.

In the meantime, a scheduled hearing of this evening on an application for a temporary restriction order was canceled to prevent patients with coronary virus centers at the state-owned Fairview Development Center in Costa Mesa. District Judge Josephine Staton said in a written opinion that the question was since Friday’s federal authorities said that these plans, which the city opposed.

Mayor of Costa Mesa Katrina Foley told the City News Service on Monday that city officials continue to monitor any attempts to send COVID-19 patients to Fairview Development Center.

“We will continue to pursue whatever legal circumstances we have,” Foley said. “We are now concerned that our first responders have no equipment (right), and we are concerned that there is a lot of test equipment to be provided for the state of California. The CDC needs a better plan.

The federal government announced for Fairview in court papers filed on Friday a 3 hour meeting held Thursday among state, federal and local officials on the plan that Staton held last Monday.

By filing the court Friday, “Federal authorities have decided, because it informed the state today …, that it is no longer necessary to use Fairview Development Center site to keep federal quarantine passengers from cruise ship Diamond Princess”. This development represents the early end of the quarantine period for these passengers, as well as the small number of passengers who have tested COVID-19 positively. “

Initially, the Disease Control and Prevention Centers considered that “as many as 50% of passengers (from the cruise ship placed in Japan) could test positive within the quarantine period; much lower, “according to the court document.

Federal authorities, however, said that public safety officers in a secure quarantine facility were provided by stable security officers at a time when such a facility was urgently needed, and that key hospital facilities in other counties were at a time when the resources were in place. In addition, this litigation has spent many other state and federal resources, including the attention of the chief public health officers, at a time when the state is working to protect all available resources to the public. protect the public. health officers have found new ways to address this emerging situation, this case is now in place. “


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