Orban occasionally sends me messages

Marco Rossi: Orbán sends me messages from time to time

In an interview with the Italian La Republica, the federal captain of the Hungarian national team spoke about the fact that they did their job well in Munich, yet he was a little disappointed because they did not get any further. He also revealed that he occasionally receives messages from the Prime Minister.

According to a Telex article, in the interview, Marco Rossi revealed that he was a little afraid they wouldn’t score in front of their fans, but the team showed character and courage, so they finished with two points. He also talked about it: he feels like he was adopted in Hungary, if he talked about coaches on TV, he would be assessed as if he were not a foreigner, but a Hungarian.

He said he could compare his skills with two world champions coaches at the European Championships, as the French were led by Didier Deschmaps and the Germans by Joachim Löw.

“I liked that I got this experience of fighting with each other for 90 minutes, but I’m a coach too. Deschmaps’ praise went well for making it harder for them,” he said.

The federal captain was also asked about politics, the government of Fidesz, but said he did not want to get into this debate because whatever he said, they could use his words, so he would rather stay away from it.

“Sometimes he sends me messages, as he did after the match against the Germans,” he replied to his question about his relationship with the prime minister. He added, Orban has a tactical sense, he was a striker, not a blind fan. He never received pressure from either Orban or the president of the association, they believed in him, in his work, he was allowed to work.


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