Order to bounce the Pak Phayun Superintendent, involved in the burning of bird’s nests in Phatthalung, causing millions of damage to the state

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27 Sep 2021 14:03

Burning bird’s nests on Koh Four, Koh Ha, spraying poison “Big Mai”, ordering to bounce “Pak Phayun Superintendent” with 4 subordinates involved in raids and stealing by lighting a fire and using smoke to chase away the birds. causing damage to the state by millions of baht Ready to go to the exam area again on October 2

At 12.00 on 27 September 64 at the Royal Thai Police Pol Gen Suchart Teerasawad, deputy commander of the police, said there was an order to relocate. Pol Col Sitthipong Sangsaeng, Superintendent of Pak Phayun Police Station with 4 subordinates to help the government Phatthalung Province Because there may be a defect related to the crime of burglars burning bird nests on Koh Four, Koh Ha, Pak Phayun District, Phatthalung Province, 107 caves, 7 islands, which occurred during the original concession contract expired from June 14 to September 9. The villains use a fire and smoke to chase the bird. causing damage to the state by millions of baht

As for the investigation, the police are now rushing to collect all the evidence. Because it happened a long time ago The investigation also found that the old and new concessioners were the same owners. Will the part be involved or not? under investigation But initially it acknowledged that several government officials overseeing the facility were involved. Because the area has a staff to look after 24 hours a day, it is impossible to know. but must look at the evidence to see if it is enough to prosecute or not

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In the case of 1 suspect who has surrendered, there has been no complaint yet. Evidence must be collected first. ready to admit that there are outsiders who want benefits to unite with insiders from visiting both the cave and the mouth of the cave Some traces and items were found. As for the amount of damage to the state, there are many. but not yet able to assess or can be summed up in numbers now Which they prepare to visit the area to check again after October 2nd.

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