Tokyo, Sep 13 (EFE) .- Orders for machinery in Japan increased 11% in July compared to the previous month to 918,600 million yen (7,087 million euros / 8,246 million dollars), reported the Japanese Government today.

The advance of the indicator, which excludes the orders of the electricity companies and the shipyards due to its excessive volatility, contrasts with the fall of 8.8% in June and the reduction of 3.7% in May.

Total orders for the Japanese manufacturing sector increased by 11.8% in the seventh month of the year and 10.9% for non-manufacturing, according to data published by the Cabinet Office.

In the manufacturing sector, the increase in machinery orders for the chemical sector stood at 119.5%, as well as the requests for the textile and food and beverage sectors, which increased by 87.9% and 60%. 5%, respectively.

In July, only the orders from the iron and steel sectors (-10.2%), the automotive sector (-6.3%), the electronic information and communication equipment (-2.3%) and the one from machinery oriented to the business sector (-1.7%).

In the non-manufacturing sector, the largest increase in orders was registered in that month in electric companies, of 48.6%, and in telecommunications, of 37.9%, while the agricultural, forestry and fishing sector saw falling their applications 4.6% and the lease of goods 3.6.

Machinery orders are considered an indicator of the fixed capital expenditure of Japanese companies in the following six months.


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