Orders for wind farms in Lithuania reached a record

Based on the data of the European wind energy producer organization Wind Europe, the LVEA announces that during this time Lithuanian companies have placed orders with Enefit Green and European Energy for the production of 48 wind power plants with a capacity of five to six MW.

“In the future, we should see many such leaps in wind power orders in general European statistics,” says Urtė Daškevičiūtė, the association’s director.

In the third quarter, Lithuania was second in Europe after Ukraine in terms of the number of ordered wind power plants, but it still lags behind the European average and especially the leaders in wind energy, according to the LVEA.

According to Wind Europe, wind energy in Lithuania satisfies 13 percent. electricity demand and the European average is 15%. However, the country lags far behind the leaders – Denmark (48%), Ireland (38%), Germany (27%) or Sweden (20%).

In 2020, the total capacity of wind farms in Europe was 220 GW, 80 percent. they were on land. Last year alone, 14.7 GW of wind farms were installed in Europe, mainly in the Netherlands (2 GW), Germany (1.7 GW), Sweden (1.7 GW), Spain (1.4 GW) and France (1.3 GW).

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