ORF audience council – who represents whom? |

Statement of the “Standing Conference of the Chairmen of the Advisory Councils of the Autochthonous Ethnic Groups in Austria” on the composition of the ORF Audience Council.

Vienna/Bgld/Ktn/Stmk (OTS) The occupation of the ORF Audience Council at the beginning of May caused astonishment and horror in the associations and groups represented by the “Standing Conference of the Chairmen of the Advisory Councils of Austria’s Autochthonous Ethnic Groups” (hereinafter referred to as: Chairmen’s Conference). Apart from the fact that the responsible ministry and media minister Susanne Raab abandoned the recognized practice of the nomination and appointment process, which has been practiced for years and decades, the Chairpersons’ Conference sees its own assessment of the illegality of the appointment based on the applicable legal situation through the numerous media reports and Comments by media scientists are fully confirmed in terms of content.

Due to the legal and legally anchored position of the ethnic groups you represent, the Chairpersons’ Conference sees itself as a “representative group or organization” in the sense of the paragraphs of the ORF law relevant to the composition of the ORF audience council (§ 28 Para. 4 ORF- G ua) and has also forwarded the planned proposals to the responsible ministerial bodies in the last few decades. Internal coordination within the organization has already taken place for the new period of action of the audience council. “According to the postings of the last few years and the rotation principle that has been applied to date, we believe that a representative of the Roma should have been sent to the public council,” explains Karl Hanzl, long-standing member of the public council and chairman of the Czech advisory board.

The “Chairmen’s Conference” is currently examining the possibility of a legal challenge to the composition of the Public Council and reserves the right to take further steps in this regard. “We, as representatives of the ethnic groups, stand for variety and diversity in society, we represent a wide variety of cultural traditions, the importance of which in the development of our society was pointed out not least by National Council President Sobotka at the “Dialogue Platform for Autochthonous Austrian Ethnic Groups in Parliament” held for the first time at the end of March (Note .see APA OTS broadcast of March 22, 2022). Accordingly, it is strange and incomprehensible for us that the Media Ministry acted arbitrarily and lacked any form of dialogue,” says Hanzl.

The concerns of the chairmen’s conference are reinforced by the legal procedure, which is obviously also being disregarded in numerous other areas, and can only be interpreted as an attack on the diversity and breadth of the public media system. “It is up to the people responsible for filling the position to eliminate concerns from many areas of society as quickly as possible and to ensure that the situation is in accordance with the law,” Hanzl concludes.

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