ORF doctor: “That is to be considered with the third stitch” – Tv

In “Meryn am Montag”, Siegfried Meryn answers questions about the corona vaccination on ORF III.

The euphoric prospects for an early end to the pandemic were announced too early: new infections with the coronavirus have reached a peak. The number of infections is increasing rapidly; some people become so seriously ill that intensive care treatment remains the only life-saving option. The hospitals are now reaching their capacity limits.

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The third vaccination is essential in order to protect against severe disease. This is particularly recommended for people aged 65 and over, those with previous illnesses and residents of old people’s homes or care facilities. Likewise, people who are exposed to a high risk of infection due to their job, as well as those who have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca, are advised to take the booster vaccination.

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What do you have to watch out for with the third stitch? Is vaccination also important for people with a high antibody status? And can different vaccines be combined? Siegried Meryn answers these and other questions in “Meryn am Montag” on Monday, November 22nd, 6:45 pm on ORF III.

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