Is the left dead? Looking at the polls, certainly does not fare well. And to put the tombstone it seems to be its president, Matteo Orfini, ready to celebrate the funeral of the Democratic Party in the hope that – new Lazarus – can resurrect and return to a new form.

"We tear up the statute of the Pd, let's dissolve it and refound it, "Orfini told the Left Wing party," No need to change your name. Let's put together a piece of country that does not share the policies of this government. "The president dem admits – and finally seems to accept – the defeat of the largest leftist party in Italy and sets a goal:" We must build an answer after the defeat that is up to the challenge ".

"The party as it is today does not work", explains Orfini. That launches a call to arms to refound a left increasingly split and divided by the currents: "I appeal to all", presses, "Just this distinction with civil society, we decide together the political line and leadership".

What will meet the other party leaders and especially the former premier and former secretary Matteo Renzi that – despite the beating and the announcements – it just seems not to want to step aside?


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