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Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The promotion of the culture of organ and tissue donation helps to give life expectancy to thousands of patients who require a transplant as the only cure for diseases in a progressive and irreversible stage such as chronic renal failure, hepatic, cardiac, pulmonary, blindness, leukemia, among others, highlighted Miguel Ángel Valdez Cruz.

“Donating organs implies an act of love, an act of solidarity with others, organ donation is today the only hope that exists for thousands of people who are on the waiting list to be transplanted,” he said.

The coordinator of the transplant area of ​​the Center for Research and Teaching in Health Sciences (CIDOCS) of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) explained that a living person can donate one of their double organs, such as a kidney, or a segment of liver, pancreas and lung, prior medical evaluation in hospitals where there is a transplant program authorized by the Ministry of Health.

“And when there is obviously loss of life or brain death, the organs to donate are: a heart, bones, a sectioned or complete liver, both kidneys, so there are many life expectancies that we can grant once we We are aware of what we can help”, he commented.

The university doctor reiterated that it is very necessary today to strengthen the culture of donation and provide accurate information to the population so that they know what the process consists of, indicating that if you want to be a donor, you must access the page of the Center Nacional de Trasplantes (CENATRA) and there do the paperwork to obtain the donor credential, which will identify you as an organ donor.

Valdez Cruz pointed out that as Mexicans, due to culture, this can be difficult for the family to assimilate, however, this action must be seen as a tribute to life, to those who have left and to those who are saved, people who will be able to continue their way and they will fill it with new stories, so if the decision is made, the family members should be told and they should be aware of the decision and respect it.

2023-06-01 17:11:16

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