Organic groceries less popular due to declining purchasing power | NOW

Nowadays, people in the supermarket more often opt for the cheapest option instead of the sustainable option, reports Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie Nederland (LTO Nederland). According to the trade association, this is due to the declining purchasing power. While people are paying more attention to health during the corona pandemic, they are now paying more attention to costs.

Growers of fruit and vegetables have noticed that the demand for luxury and organic products has declined. Recently, people are also increasingly opting for free-range eggs without a quality mark instead of organic, free range or Beter Leven Keurmerk.

Meat companies also notice that people in the supermarket are more likely to opt for a cheap foreign option.

“With the energy bill in mind, people still leave the special, local product behind to go for the cheaper option,” says Sjaak van der Tak, chairman of LTO Nederland.

According to Van der Tak, the choice of consumers is understandable, because the cost crisis affects everyone. “But it does put the finger on the sore spot. The government is asking for more and more, but forgets to include the market,” said the chairman.

Van der Tak does not consider further sustainability to be unnecessary, but he believes that this is primarily a task for the government. “Especially on the cost side. If sustainability for companies can’t be calculated, then it won’t happen in the end.”