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Organic Law for Older Adults had a second discussion this Tuesday

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The second discussion of the draft Organic Law for the Comprehensive Care and Development of Older Adults was debated this Tuesday in the hemicycle of the National Assembly (AN).

During the ordinary session, the deputy Ida León delivered the technical report that emerges from the first discussion where she explained that the popular power, public and private institutions with direct and indirect competence in care of the elderly, meetings, and videoconferences were consulted.

The deputy explained that during the public consultation the interest of the elderly was evidenced by being more protected.

The consultation in the determined period, had such a breadth that it included regional, municipal, local teams, public and private institutions that are dedicated to the care of the elderly, as well as technical tables of communities throughout the country.

The modality of the consultation was carried out in two ways: digital with videoconferences, emails and WhatsApp, and blended contacts with full health biosafety measures to fight the coronavirus.

Through digital questionnaires, informative materials and proposals were sent to more than 22 thousand 654 people of different ages and genders from all over the country; while on paper they were used in face-to-face assemblies where more than 5,000 people participated.

In total, more than 27,704 people from all over Venezuela were consulted, most of them older adults. From the statistical analysis, 79% of those consulted are between 40 and 80 years of age.

97.52% affirmed that the Bill meets the expectations regarding the rights of Older Adults, and 95.28% said that the Bill contains all the human rights of this population sector.

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Congresswoman León explained that once the consultation was over, all the proposals received were adapted and the document was sent to the Department of Legal Consultancy of the National Parliament for the final version that is discussed in the plenary sessions.

He considered that in that second discussion, older adults are sure that, as happened in the first part, “our Law will be approved unanimously.”

“The Homeland that Bolívar and Chávez left us has a future because Older Adults will be protected with comprehensive laws and as Commander Hugo Chávez said, it does not matter if I do not see the Homeland as I dream it, it is enough for me to know that the eyes that you will see they live in my blood ”.

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