Organic milk, “contamination alarm”: health in danger, the famous product stopped

A precautionary recall notice was issued by the Ministry of Health of a lot of the Biococco vegetable drink branded Stammibene “for the presence in traces of ethylene oxide (ETO) in an ingredient (guar gum) “, reads the press release. The product concerned, according to the website, it is sold in packs of 500 ml with the lot number L: 210319 and the best before date (Tmc) 19/03/2022.

This type of recalled “vegan milk” was produced by Abafoods Srl in the factory in via Cà Mignola Nuova 1775 in Badia Polesine, in the province of Rovigo.

As a precaution, it is specified in the press release, it is recommended not to consume the product reported and to return it to the point of sale purchase to get a refund. It is also specified that the recall applies only to the lots and related deadlines listed above. Other products and brands are in no way affected by the recall.

IGP meat withdrawn from the shelves.  Listeria alarm, the product to avoid |  Photo

A few days ago they had been called back other organic drinks, again for the “presence of traces of ethylene oxide (ETO) in an ingredient (guar gum)”. The warning about the precautionary recall of some lots came from supermarkets NaturaSì. The products in question were all under the Isola Bio brand.

Vegetable drinks, a tsunami of withdrawals: Serious contamination, here are all the products stopped


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