Organization of the Eurovision Song Contest understands disappointment in Ukraine, but remains with the decision | NOW

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which organizes the Eurovision Song Contest, understands that Ukraine has reacted with disappointment at the choice not to hold the event in the war-stricken country next year. However, the organization stands by the decision that the winning country Ukraine currently does not meet the requirements to organize the Song Contest, she reports on Twitter.

The EBU announced last week that it would enter into discussions with the British broadcaster BBC (the United Kingdom finished second) about organizing the Song Contest. The Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC demanded new negotiations, because it saw possibilities to organize the event. British politicians also got involved in the discussion and stated that Ukraine should organize the Song Contest.

With the new statement, the EBU makes it clear that it will not reverse its decision. On Thursday, the European broadcaster will point to the regulations stating that the event can be moved in case of force majeure, such as a war. In addition, the umbrella organization points out that the organization of the Song Contest of the following year starts almost immediately after the final, which is not possible in this case.

The EBU points out, among other things, the risk of air strikes by aircraft, drones or missiles that could cause a significant number of victims. The umbrella organization also obtained safety advice from third parties, which also showed that the risk of a major incident is too great. Furthermore, there were concerns about whether delegations and participants would even want to travel to Ukraine at all in case the war is still going on.

The EBU has looked into whether a Song Contest at a border location in a neighboring country was possible, but the locations and the infrastructure did not meet the requirements. “We have therefore made the decision with regret in our hearts to move to another country,” said the EBU.