‘Orgel Joke’ is the new addition to ‘I love Holland’

In a ‘normal’ time this would not have happened, Joke thinks. “I received messages from all kinds of people that my videos make them so happy. And then suddenly I was asked for On 1 in M. It was incredible. ”

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Besides Linda on TV

“And now I am suddenly in the studio of I love Holland, among all famous Dutch people. Just next to Linda de Mol, who I normally only see on television. ” She really likes that, but she still has to get used to it a bit. “I really enjoy the things that are asked to me now, but live performances are not for me.”

I love Holland is also not the only thing ‘Orgel Joke’ is busy with. She can also be seen at Ranking the Stars. And then she is also put in the limelight on Wednesday, as one of the people who contributed something to the corona time. “That is so nice. The next day I also have recordings of it I love Holland. It’s all pretty unreal. ”

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