Oriental Princess New beneficial makeup, a new group of peony extracts.

Oriental Princess debut ‘New beneficial’ The grand return of the best of natural color makeup. From expertise in beauty for more than 30 years with the understanding of Asian people. and adhere to the philosophy that believes in the beauty of Eastern science By using natural extracts to create a valuable makeup product. The first time with makeup that combines extracts from peony (Peony), the king of oriental flowers. that provides nourishment with natural shades with a fusion of powerful colors maintenance value And inspired by the land of the East that is outstanding. and swooping together Available for all skin problems. Every step of makeup with quality-packed makeup at an affordable price. Easy to access, starting from 200 – 700 baht only. You can try colors via Makeup Virtual Try-on at New beneficial’s line-up covers 6 product groups:

1. Base Makeup products: foundation, concealer, powder foundation, loose powder and makeup base.

There are 6 series of foundation, concealer and powder products: (1) Ultimate Coverage, maximum coverage and the reduction of wrinkles. while retaining moisture to the skin (2) Phenomenal Perfect Coverage, covering the skin naturally smooth (3) All Day Sun Protection, protecting the skin from sunlight as much as possible. with light coverage Suitable for all skin types (4) RED Natural Whitening & Firming Phenomenon brightens skin, combines skin care. and control oiliness for up to 12 hours (5) BB Secret adjusts the skin color to be clear and consistent throughout the day as well as nourishing the face with natural extracts (6) Special Products include a variety of products such as Press Powder, Loose Powder, Liquid Concealer and Pore Minimiser that enhance the skin to shine. Bright, natural looking with 3 highlighted items in the group as follows:

beneficial BB Secret Lifting & Coverage Cream SPF 30 PA++

BB cream for all skin types from Japan With coverage performance, all skin tones can be adjusted and can be used by everyone, giving the skin a smoother, brighter, healthier look. Combined with natural extracts Peony Extract, Omega3 and Vita Skin Complex, add moisture to the skin to be strong and firm, while protecting the skin from sunlight with SPF 30 PA ++ (amount 40 g. Price 575 baht)

beneficial All Day Sun Protection Foundation Powder SPF 50 PA++++

Sunscreen powder foundation that comes in 3 shades (No.01 Ivory, No.02 Sand, No.03 Honey) helps your skin to be smooth and ready to face the sun. No stains during the day, oil control for 6 hours, protecting the skin from external factors that harm the skin and sunlight, UVA / UVB rays up to SPF 50 PA++++ and combine Mirror Ball Powder to help light hit. Camouflage the face to be perfect and blend in with the skin naturally (volume 11 g. Price 555 baht)

beneficial Perfect Finish Liquid Concealer

the best of concealment all wrinkles A lightweight liquid concealer that helps fade dark circles, redness and dark circles under the eyes for a smooth, natural-looking complexion. no stains during the day Combining nourishment with natural extracts from Peony Extract to moisturize the skin. Lightweight and anti-aging And inhibit free radicals that attack premature skin in one step (volume 7 ml. Price 285 baht)

2. Products around the eyes, eyebrows, mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow.

There are 4 types of eye products in the eye group: (1) Eyebrow pencil group. Comes with a variety of applicator styles for everyone to choose according to their aptitude, such as a round brush, oblique brush, and a cutting head brush that comes with eyebrow mascara (2) Mascara group Helps to thicken the eyes And arrange beautiful lines throughout the day (3) Eyeliner group Increase the clarity of the eyes With features that are long lasting, waterproof and sweat does not make it greasy during the day (4) eye shadow group inspired by nature Created into a colorful product, smooth texture, easy to blend, with 4 highlight items in the group as follows.

beneficial Brow Designer Eyebrow & Mascara

Professionally perfect eyebrows With 2 in 1 eyebrow pencil, soft texture, cut head shape, make eyebrows beautiful, sharp, long lasting. Comes with a mascara with tight pigments. Helps to shape eyebrows to arrange beautiful lines in 6 dimensions, combining natural extracts to make eyebrows strong. Easy to write, complete in one stick (volume 0.5 g. 1.4 g. price 345 baht)

beneficial All Day Wear Eyeshadow

Portable eye shadow designed in 20 shades to choose from in your own style with Crystal Powder texture that is smooth and easy to blend. Long-lasting vivid color Combined with natural extracts from Peony Extract to help fight free radicals and inhibit wrinkles around the eyes (volume 3.8 g. Price 195 baht)

beneficial Lengthening Waterproof Mascara

Bounce lashes line with innovative mascara design, 2 features in one. thicken eyelashes and long line-by-line from the root to the end Comes with waterproof performance and sweat for long-lasting beautiful eyelashes But it is easy to wash off, just use warm water (volume 6 g. Price 425 baht)

beneficial Proliner Eyeliner

waterproof eyeliner Intense black in just one write. With small slender bristles, it delivers smooth writing. It also does not cause dark stains under the eyes. and lasts all day Enriched with the nourishing value of Sakura that helps reduce side effects and washes off easily just by using warm water (volume 0.6 ml. Price 415 baht).

3. Cheek products

There are 5 types of products in the blush-on category: (1) beneficial Gradation Compact Cheek Colors, which combines 4 shades of blush in a single cartridge, providing a bright, long-lasting, healthy look; (2) beneficial Ready To Wear Nourishing Face Colors; 2 in 1 dust, giving cheeks a natural glow, look natural, easy to carry (3) beneficial Kiss From A Rose Natural FaceTint Tint for cheeks and mouth, giving rosyness to the skin for a healthy look (4) beneficial All Day Glow Powder Blush Soft and smooth blush. Gives a natural look Compatible with all skin tones, with 2 highlight items in the group as follows:

beneficial All Day Glow Powder Blush

Blush, soft texture, easy to carry. Long-lasting color with a variety of textures and up to 10 shades to choose from in your own style. Can be used daily for all skin tones With natural extracts, Peony Flower Extract helps fight free radicals. Makes the skin moisturized, shines and Silk Mica Powder gives the skin a soft and smooth texture, both matte and shimmer (volume 3.5 g. Price 235 baht)

beneficial Gradation Compact Cheek Colours

4D blush that guarantees its value with awards from leading magazines continuously. Pearl texture, soft touch, combines 4 shades in a single cartridge, adding sparkle to the cheeks, naturally beautiful, smooth. and combines the value of natural extracts from Peony Extract to slow down premature aging Protect the skin from allergies and irritation (volume 12 g. Price 595 baht)

4. Lip make-up products

There are 4 types of lip products in the lip group: (1) beneficial Cherish Lip Sheer SPF15, lipstick mixed with tinted sunscreen. give fullness And nourish the lips in one bar (2) beneficial Deep Velvet Matte Lipstick Velvet matte lipstick gives a soft touch like velvet. With pigments that are firmly lasting all day long (3) beneficial Touchless Matte Liquid Lipstick 5 shades of matte liquid lipstick that make the lips look blurry, beautiful and comfortable (4) beneficial Juicy Glow Watery Lip Tint Lip gloss Nat Appease the vegan line, light texture, long-lasting luscious lips with tight and intense pigments. There are 3 highlight items in the group as follows.

beneficial Juicy Glow Watery Lip Tint

Luscious lip gloss Easy to use for vegans Light texture, easy to spread, not sticky, clear color, long lasting, helps the lips look juicy, plump, healthy without having to rely on fillers. Ready to combine makeup and skin care together to fight free radicals. and wrinkles on the lips (volume 3.5 g. Price 355 baht)

beneficial Touchless Matte Liquid Lipstick

The best full coverage matte lip color with Silky Powder technology, smooth texture, light and comfortable, Oriental Princess’s unique technique (volume 3.9 g. Price 355 baht)

beneficial Deep Velvet Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick that gives a velvet-like touch, soft, smooth, comfortable lips, helping to fill and blur the grooves of the lips to be smooth naturally with oriental extracts, Peony Flower Extract and Vitamin E, helping to plump lips, clear color, beautiful, complete in a stick. Single (volume 3.7 g. Price 375 baht)

5. Facial cleansing products

There are 4 types of products in the facial cleansing group: (1) beneficial Make Off Cleansing Milk Essence, milk formula with toner. help remove makeup And dirt, care for the skin (2) beneficial Make Off Mild Cleansing Water, gentle water formula. alcohol free Suitable for sensitive skin to feel moisturized and comfortable skin after use (3) beneficial Make Off Soothing Cleansing Milk concentrated lotion milk formula remove makeup and dirt completely and adjust the balance of the skin to be smooth and full of water (4) beneficial Make Off Perfect Eye & Lip Makeup Remover The water-in-oil formula for the eyes and lips helps to deeply remove dirt.

6. Makeup brush products

There are 9 types of products in the makeup brush family: (1) Pro Foundation Brush, a brush for blending foundation. With bristles that are specially designed from soft synthetic bristles with a comfortable handle. For smoothing the foundation The result is a smooth, flawless skin. cover up naturally Can be used with all types of foundation (2) Pro Powder Brush A soft, fluffy powder brush that can be used with loose powder. and pressed flour With ultra-comfortable bristles (3) Pro Blush Brush, a cheek brush that is specially designed to support various face shapes. very well Make cheeks naturally beautiful and smooth. (4) Pro Lip Brush, a lipstick brush. Soft bristles help to apply flawless lips. You can easily create a lip line with a rounded brush head, small size, easy to carry. (5) Pro Eye Color Brush, a brush for eye application. Helps blend eye color to blend in. And set the weight of the color beautifully as needed (6) Pro Blender Brush A brush for blending eyeshadow smoothly and beautifully. Adds dimension to the eyes like a pro (7) Pro Eye Definer Brush. and spread eyeshadow with a small brush tip can spread the line eye contour clearly Provides perfect smooth results. (8) Pro Angle Brow Brush, a brush for eyebrows with oblique cutting head. Helps to create a beautiful eyebrow frame, spreading color to look natural and harmonious (9) Pro Retractable Blush Brush, the highlight of the makeup brush group, which is a portable blush brush with thick, soft bristles, comfortable on the skin and convenient. comfortable to use

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