Orion Leasing will build solar power plants – the business will pay for itself by buying electricity | Business

Orion Leasing CEO Laimons Belickas says that the rental model based on electricity production and sales is attractive to small and medium-sized companies seeking to control electricity costs, but avoiding additional financial obligations.

“The customer will simply consume electricity at a fixed price, while paying for our investment in the solar plant. The proposed fixed electricity price is based on long-term market expectations. We aim to create long-term value – in the future, if the price of electricity in the market decreases, the model would still remain attractive and useful for our customers,” says L. Belickas.

Currently, it is not always easy for small and medium-sized businesses to invest in renewable energy, because for this they would have to assume additional financial obligations, accumulate a significant initial amount of investment, take care of permits, and fulfill other formal requirements.

“It is very important for companies to save their crediting opportunities during this unstable period – loans may be needed for working capital and core activities.

Our new production and consumption-based leasing model allows you to invest in a solar power plant without loans and to operate quickly and efficiently: Orion Leasing designs, builds and leases the solar power plant, and the customer pays for electricity consumption. At the end of the contract period, the power plant will be transferred to the customer,” says the head of Orion Leasing.

The company will focus on the development of medium-sized solar power plants, from 100 kW to 1 MW. Solar power plants will only be built on business-owned buildings or plots at the point of energy consumption. There are no plans to offer remote power plants to the market.

Orion Leasing offers this solution, which allows businesses to secure their source of renewable energy production at fixed prices, together with selected partners – experienced contractors who have installed more than one solar power plant and the best-known equipment manufacturers.

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Great attention is paid to quality, because it is a long-term investment: after the end of the contract period, the power plant will become the property of the customer. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to buy the solar power plant ahead of time.

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