Ornella showed off the character of 3 emperors: People are not enough to stare!

The third pregnancy, which Ornella Koktová (29) announced just half a year after the birth of her second son, was definitely not free. When Lilianne was born, her three-time mother had to lie in the ICU. In the end, the health complications subsided, but even Ornella herself would probably not say at that moment that she could keep a fantastic figure after three children!

Three children, three cesarean sections. Some women would have to say goodbye to their original figure after such an onslaught on the body, while Ornella is proud of her flat belly and figure, which she probably didn’t even have as childless. Many fans lost their chins when she boasted pictures of her showing her flat tummy on social networks. “So you have a character,” the website quotes one of them. “After three children, the figure is great, I’m smacking,” sounds another of the many compliments.

Ornella showed off a great figure!

Less than a year ago, little was enough, and Ornella would have struggled with more serious complications than she had stayed in the hospital for longer. “They found a very serious finding in the area of ​​the intestines, and the embolism of the lungs almost added to that, it happened by accident, but fortunately it was caught in time. They took me to the hospital in a minute or twelve. “ acknowledged the above-mentioned website. In the end, she has endured all the problems and is now rejoicing in her three branches and looks better than before!

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