Orsay has moved to About You. The new owner is to take over the stores in the Czech Republic

The German clothing brand Orsay has closed its own online store, moved sales to the About You e-shop, which was established in Germany and operates in 25 European countries. The company informed customers about the change on the website. The stores in the Czech Republic, which have been operated by Ordiczech since 2018, will probably continue to operate. They will be taken over by the new owner from July 1.

Miroslav Kolář, who is in charge of several companies operating on the fashion market, became the managing director of Ordiczy last week, according to the Commercial Register.

At the end of May, Forbes stated that, according to his sources, Orsay is negotiating the sale of its stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If this did not happen, the company would go into insolvency and close the stores. It was time for the sale of Czech branches until the end of June, said Forbes.

The Czech Orsay website lists 54 stores in the Czech Republic, where people can also return goods previously purchased on the brand’s e-shop. According to ČTK, advertisements for sales assistant vacancies hang in some branches.

Ordiczech ended the year before last due to a coronavirus pandemic and forced closure at a loss of about 117 million crowns, while it reported revenues of about 720 million crowns, according to the latest published annual report. Kolář became an executive on June 13. Among other things, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the CS Apparel Group, which represents the American brands Gap and Under Armor on the Czech market, as well as the Czech clothing brand Sam 73.

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The group’s co-owner is the Slovak investment company Across, which, through Across e-commerce, bought a majority stake in the Digital People group at the beginning of the year, uniting the Zoot, Different, Urban Store and Bibloo e-shops. ČTK approached both parties about the future of the Orsay brand in the Czech Republic, but has not yet received an answer.

For example, the French Promod clothing chain closed its stores last year, and the French brand Camaieu closed the year before last. However, the Digital People group acquired it and sells its clothing in 12 European countries through the Zoot and Bibloo e-shops. At Zoot, it quickly became one of the most popular brands, said Milan Polák, the executive director of the online store.