Ortiz and lawyer seek to “muddy the field,” says Querey

The president of the Bicameral Anti-Money Laundering Investigation Commission, Senator Jorge Querey, informed that they will reiterate the invitation to appear next week to the president of Tabesa and the other summoned who did not attend the call.

“There is no accusation, we are investigating money laundering and related crimes, we have the obligation to ask questions that refer to the normal work of a person or an institution, that is the answer we seek from Mr. José Ortiz and, however , with the same arguments of the Tabacalera Hernandarias and with the difference of the presence here of Mr. Ortiz, are the same arguments that have been used to avoid responding to this “Querey stated.

The senator argued that just as was done with Tabacalera Hernandarias, they will reiterate the invitation to the president of Tabesa to appear next week. “If he does not come to testify, we will use the resources that the National Constitution provides us to try to get them to appear.”

He clarified that the CBI is not in charge of sending documents that have been leaked, etc., but that it investigates “publicly denounced issues, both nationally and internationally, some documented and others not, to which those summoned must give the corresponding clarifications”.

He argued that the questions asked in the framework of the CBI investigation are pertinent and do not represent a particular accusation with respect to José Ortiz.

“Internationally, there are complaints about illicit cigarette trafficking, it may or may not be a company or another responsible, linked, innocent with respect to that situation, of course it may be, but we are obliged, if cigarettes at an international level are being carried through illicit traffic”Querey said.

In the event that those summoned present themselves again – in this case the representatives of Tabesa – but refrain from testifying, the senator referred that the action would be a dirty move. “This is actually called muddying the field, this speaks of muddying the field, taking a word or making an extensive interpretation of something is muddying the field. Trying to give him a supposed process situation – because this is not a process – that is, a briefing to appear to request information that could be useful for our investigation,” he said.

Regarding political persecution, pointed out by the lawyer for the president of Tabesa, Pedro Ovelar, the legislator said: “Whether they deal with the ruling party or with the opposition, that is another problem”.

Finally, the president of the CBI explained that the work they carry out is “the clinical history of the money laundering issue to present it to the National Congress” and that the final document on the investigation of money laundering will have only the one that has documentary support, “as well as the lengthy transcript of his statement during the meeting.”

The president of Tabacalera del Este SA (Tabesa), José Ortíz, appeared before the Bicameral Investigation Commission (CBI), which investigates money laundering and related crimes, with the lawyer Pedro Ovelar. However, he excused himself from testifying, although he made himself “available.”

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