:: OSEL.CZ :: – They open the world’s first meat factory in Israel

The Israeli company Future Meat Technologies will launch an industrial plant for the production of meat from live animal cells. It produces about half a ton of cultivated chicken, pork or lamb every day. It seems that the cultivated meat is slowly but surely making its way into our kitchens.

Meat served by an Israeli company. Credit: Future Meat Technologies.

Until recently, it was just a sci-fi. Today, we find meat produced in the laboratory in many places, from Singapore to the International Space Station. The beginnings were not and are not easy, but cultivated meat is becoming a trend with a solid future. The new factory, the first of its kind in the world, which Future Meat Technologies is opening in Israel, will also contribute to this.

Logo. Kredit: Future Meat Technologies.

Logo. Kredit: Future Meat Technologies.

Gradually, a number of meat-growing technologies emerged. Most recipes are either based on plant-derived ingredients, such as the Impossible Foods startup technology, or are based on living cells obtained from real animals. These cells are grown in bioreactors, where they receive essentially the same nutrients as whole animals. One of the many companies that have chosen this “cellular” approach is Future Meat Technologies.

The Israeli company uses its own process for growing cells and making meat, which, according to available information, produces about ten times more production than standard food industry practices. Compared to conventional, animal meat production, this process emits 80 percent less greenhouse gas emissions, uses 99 percent less land and consumes 96 percent less water.

Future Meat Technologies will now test the viability of the entire process on the largest scale to date. He is building an industrial meat production plant in the Israeli city of Rehovot. The factory should produce about half a ton of cultivated chicken, pork and lamb per day. This equates to about 5,000 burgers and processing about 250 live chickens.

In 2013, the first burger with cultivated meat came to $ 300,000. But technology development and the market have, of course, done their part, and Future Meat Technologies is expected to offer a $ 3.90 chicken burger. The founder and head of research at Future Meat Technologies, Yaakov Nahmias, said that the cost of cultivated meat was comparable to the original meat even earlier than expected. Their goal is to make cultivated meat for everyone so that it is tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Video: The future of food is cellular | Prof. Yaakov Nahmias | Future Meat Technologies


New Atlas 24. 6. 2021.