Osiris Luna allows lawyer to meet with Violeta Menjívar in women’s prison

94 days have passed since his capture and this is the second time that he has met with his lawyer. Access will be this Thursday morning.

The director of Penal Centers, Osiris Luna, authorized a second visit by the lawyer for the former FMLN Minister of Health, Violeta Menjívar, with whom she has only had one meeting in the entire time she has been detained since July 22, accused of laundering. of money.

Menjívar has been detained in the investigation process since July and is being held in the Women’s prison in Ilopango.

His lawyer, Oswaldo Ernesto Feusier Ayala, confirmed to El Diario de Hoy that yesterday he received a notification from the director of Penal Centers, Osiris Luna, through the Deputy Director General of Criminal Legal Affairs, Carlos Javier Hernández Pérez, where he was informed that he would have access to her client to meet her inside the Women’s prison.

“I hereby take the opportunity to extend to you my highest expressions of consideration and esteem, wishing you success in the performance of your duties. Likewise, I inform that, on the instructions of the General Director of Penal Centers, Ad-Honorem, it has been scheduled for Thursday, 28 of the currents, starting at 11 in the morning, a professional visit to the lady deprived of liberty, Violeta Menjívar, ”says the letter sent to the defender of the former official.

The document adds, “Said visit should last between 45 to 60 minutes, complying with all the biosafety measures set forth in the protocol for the prevention and control of COVID-19 within prisons, as well as the respective security measures. Without further ado, for the moment, I reiterate my expressions of consideration and esteem ”.

The defender of the former Health Minister pointed out that he has only met with her once, on August 18, almost a month since she was detained by the National Civil Police by order of the Prosecutor’s Office.

“On August 18 and this next October 28, since the provisional arrest was issued in July,” explained the lawyer.

Feusier Ayala assured that the family of the former Health Minister at no time, the director of Penal Centers, has allowed him to meet with the detainee. “The family has never been allowed,” he said in brief statements

“What is happening with the doctor and the rest of the detained former officials is a clear example of selective prosecution with political connotations that goes against international standards,” denounced the lawyer for former minister Menjívar.

He added that “the General Directorate of Penal Centers established a protocol to regulate detention centers and prisons, but it has never intended to comply with such a protocol.”

Violeta Menjívar was arrested on July 22, along with four former officials of the first FMLN government.