Österrichs employees work around one hour longer in the home office

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Data collected by NordVPN teams shows a significant increase in business VPN usage during the COVID-19 pandemic. In some countries, sales increased by almost 600 percent, in Europe the increase was more than 200 percent. […]

In Austria, the average length of a working day increased by 11 percent. (c) Pixabay

Austria was the leader in Europe in terms of VPN usage peaks, with an increase of 208 percent. This is because companies are trying to enable safe working from home.

Key figures from Austria

  • The number of hours that VPNs are used for business purposes increased by 11 percent, indicating longer working hours
  • The use of desktop PCs increased by 161 percent, while mobile use remained unchanged

The pandemic has changed business behavior around the world. Interestingly, it has been noted that employees work up to 38 percent longer online. The data shows that companies are increasingly looking for security solutions for their home office to counter increased cyber security risks.

In Austria, the average length of a working day increased by 11 percent, or an additional hour. In the UK, France, Canada and Spain, this increase was 2 hours. The USA is at the forefront with an average working day longer than 3 hours.

In addition to these findings, the data also show that employees start working earlier, but still end the working day at the usual time. The absence of the morning commute probably contributes to this.

In quarantined countries, VPNs are used more than ever for business purposes. An increase in use of 200 percent has been observed in several countries in Europe.

The breakdown of the VPN usage data shows that the use on desktop PCs increased the most, while the mobile use increased less strongly. This is due to the huge increase in home office work around the world.



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