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Ostia, unobstructed popular housing occupied by exponent clan Sword. "It will be reassigned immediately"

The Local Police of Roma Capitale has freed another popular housing in Ostia illegally occupied by a member of the Spada clan. This is the third eviction, after housing illegally occupied by Vincenzo and Silvano, now it's up to Adelina Spada or better to her husband, Renzi. The man at the time of the blitz was at home and did not resist the agents. No news of his wife.

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The house is in via Antonio Zotti in Ostia Nuova, not far from Piazza Gasparri, on the fourth floor of a building owned by the Municipality. 160 agents intervened, coordinated by the general commander present on the spot. The house was equipped with a complex video surveillance system connected to a cell phone from the peephole of the house door Inside were found white weapons, one in particular of Asian origin, used to hunt the lions and perhaps carved from an elephant bone.

Alberto Renzi was reported for illegal employment. The local police were aware of the occupation that about a month ago they were reassigning the officially empty house to a rightful citizen. Only when the keys were inserted in the door did the agents notice that the lock had been changed. The investigations started have allowed to reconstruct that the property was occupied by the couple connected to the family of Ostia. The accommodation will be reallocated immediately.



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