Osvaldo Jaldo: “On June 11 you vote or you vote”

“I have been saying it: on June 11 you vote or you vote. The truth is that the reasons for which the May 14 elections had been suspended have disappeared,” said the president of the Legislature, alluding to the decline in the nomination for vice de Juan Manzur and its replacement by Miguel Angel Acevedo in the officialism formula.

Along these lines, Jaldo stressed that Tucumán, “like all the country’s provinces, in this federal government system, makes its decisions.” And he emphasized the legality of the summons decree for June 11, issued by the Executive Power. “The Tucumans have every right to express themselves at the polls,” he insisted.

The lieutenant governor expressed these statements during a visit to the Belgrano Complex, where he visited the place where the delivery of the free ticket to retirees continues.

Beyond considering that “there are no legal or constitutional reasons” to think about a new postponement, Jaldo clarified that in the government “we are very respectful of the division of powers and judicial rulings, both at the provincial and national levels.”

“There can be no measure that prevents Tucumans from voting on Sunday the 11th. There are more than six or seven provinces that have already voted in Argentina, why not Tucumans, if we have the same rights?” he analyzed. And he trusted that “on Sunday the 11th we are all going to the polls and we are going to elect the next authorities.”

On the support of Agustín Rossi

The head of the Nation’s Cabinet and presidential candidate for the Frente de Todos, Agustín Rossi, supported Jaldo in an interview on LG Play, and expressed his confidence that the ruling party will prevail in Tucumán. The tranqueño, at a press conference, valued the words of the national official.

“We have been working well institutionally and politically, trying to fulfill our obligations for which the people have elected us. But also as the Justicialista Party and as the Frente de Todos, there is no doubt that we arrived at this very orderly election, with a united Peronism; we arrived in practically unbeatable conditions to compete in the electoral sphere. We are men of democracy. We never judicialize politics. We submit to the polls, to the will of the Tucumans. We want the people to choose and yes, the truth makes everything portend that Peronism, the Frente de Todos, is headed for a resounding victory, not only in the province, but also in the municipality of San Miguel de Tucumán with the candidacy of the Rossana Chahla in this historic city,” Jaldo said.

Jaldo supervised the delivery of the free ticket to retirees

Jaldo spoke with retirees and retirees at the Belgrano Complex, where the delivery of the free ticket provided by the government continues.

So far, more than 14,000 tickets have been distributed, with which the beneficiaries will be able to travel until August 10. Since the measure was implemented, around 70,000 retirees had access to the Free Ticket, according to official figures.

“The truth is that I am very happy to see the organization that we found in this Belgrano complex, where we are handing out these tickets for those people who have worked all their lives and have formed a family, have cared for their grandchildren and their children; that’s it age, I think it was time for decisions of these characteristics, such as access to a free ticket for grandparents in Tucumán,” Jaldo said.

In addition, he conveyed his congratulations to the heads of the areas that work in the distribution of the benefit.

“It is not minor to receive it from the grandparents, give them the tickets; you have to listen to the testimonies of each one of them; some use it to go to the doctor, to have a check-up; others, to visit the family, the grandchildren, and some happy grandparents to walk around and enjoy life”, Jaldo highlighted.

The lieutenant governor was accompanied by the Minister of Health Luis Medina Ruizthe legislator Regino Belovedthe Secretary of Transportation, Vicente Nicastro, Hernan Iramain y Barbara Salimgeneral coordinators of the logistics and organization of the operation, and the Secretary of Sports, Jose Banegas.

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2023-06-02 11:38:00