Otan in a state of "brain death": Berlin and Washington denounce Macron's words


If Emmanuel Macron wanted to react, he succeeded. His remarks in The Economist about NATO being in a "brain dead state" were highly commented, from Washington to Moscow via Berlin.

Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced "untimely" remarks at a press conference in Berlin with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday evening.

"I do not think that such an inopportune judgment is necessary, even if we have problems, even if we have to pull ourselves together," she said, saying that she did not share Emmanuel Macron's "radical terms".

Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO was "strong" and that the United States and Europe "worked together more than we have done for decades."

On the US side, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a press conference in Leipzig (Germany) that NATO was "historically one of the most important strategic partnerships". He took the opportunity to recall the requirement of Donald Trump (who himself called NATO "obsolete" organization in January 2017) to the member countries of the Alliance to better "share the burden" of its funding.

"Golden words", according to Moscow

Asked by reporters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stressed the "extremely important role" of the international organization on the international scene, particularly in Iraq and Latvia.

The only ones to side with the French president were the Russians. Spokesman of Vladimir Putin's diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, on her Facebook page greeted "golden words. Sincere and that reflect the essential. A precise definition of the current state of NATO ".

In his comments published in the magazine The Economist, Emmanuel Macron regrets that there is "no coordination of the strategic decision of the United States with NATO partners." "We are witnessing an attack by another NATO partner, Turkey, in an area where our interests are at stake, without coordination," he said, referring to the Turkish military intervention in Syria. . "What happened is a huge problem for NATO," the French president hammered home a month earlier at a NATO summit scheduled for early December in London.

In the same interview, Emmanuel Macron also mentions the public deficit by considering that the 3% rule is "a debate of another century". Words that also do not like the side of Berlin …


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