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'Oumuamua in truth an alien awning?

Spectrum Compact: Alien Life - Are We Alone in Space?

Problem: Even in the best instruments no evidence of outgassing substances was found, also the self-rotation of the celestial body did not change – which would be expected if gas jets occur at all corners and ends like a real comet.

In her paper, Bialy and Loeb calculate their mind game. If the interstellar visitor is in truth built like an awning that has been slightly deflected by the radiation pressure of the sun, it may consist of a foil of only 0.3 to 0.9 millimeters in thickness. In her scenario, what we know as "Oumuamua" was used as an impulse by a foreign civilization and then given up. Since then, the piece of space junk has moved through space. The matter collected on the way gave it its reddish color. According to Bialy and Loeb, even such thin films would survive a travel distance of over 16,000 light years without falling apart. This is far enough to cross a considerable part of the Milky Way.

That 'Oumuamua is not a space junk, but on the contrary intentionally sent to the sun, can not be excluded just as little. After all, the object does not seem to have "sparked home" at its passage: no measurable radio waves emanated from the object. The answer could be to give it a precise appearance; However, shooting photos of the object was unfortunately not possible and will not be possible in view of its rapidly increasing distance.

Therefore one will never be able to prove with certainty that the first interstellar visitor discovered by humankind was not a piece of extraterrestrial technology. If, in the future, more such objects enter the network, it will become clear whether the inexplicable deviation in the path does not find a completely natural explanation.

Update 06.11 .: The article was supplemented by the note that Abraham Loeb is involved in the "sunsail" project Breakthrough Starshot.



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