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Our Lady does not need the miracle of Saint Fisc

The fire of Notre-Dame shows that, if we leave them a little air, private initiatives work faster and better than the all-state.

By Simone Wapler.

"The stone lace of Notre-Dame seen from the east is like seeing the skirt of a pretty girl in a gust of wind"said my grandfather.

We will rebuild Our Lady because that's what the French are waiting for, because that's what our history deserves, because it's our deep destiny […]. It's our history, our literature, our imagination, the place where we lived all our great moments […] So I tell you very solemnly tonight: this cathedral we will rebuild, all together, and it is probably part of the French destiny and the project we will have for the years to come.

Notice the omniscience of our President who, on February 4, 2017, stated: "There is no French culture. " On the evening of Monday, April 15, the same knows what all French people think and feel about our history, our literature, our imagination.

Past these pretty lyrical phrases, you need money. "From tomorrow a national subscription will be launched", says Emmanuel Macron.

A national subscription? But nobody needs the President of the Republic for that. And why national and therefore centralized? The enarchic reflex, no doubt.

Without waiting for the red tape, four fundraisers are already open online (Notre-Dame de Paris I love you on the Dartagnans website; Financing repairs Notre-Dame on Leetchi ; National subscription for Notre-Dame de Paris under the patronage of the Observatoire du patrimoine religieux and online on the site Lepotcommun ; finally, the French Heritage Society, a foundation based in New York, has posted a dedicated web page).

Patronage side, Pinault via its background Artemis announcement to unlock 100 million euros. So LVMH and Arnault double the stake and put 200 million to the pot.

Reminder of the small tax kitchen

For the record, these donations are deductible from income up to 66% within the limit of 20% of taxable income and 75% for the rich who pay the tax on real estate wealth (up to a limit of 50,000 euros).

Former Minister of Culture Jean-Jacques Aillagon, however, wishes to rank Notre-Dame "national treasure", which would pass the deductions to 90%. Why not 100% elsewhere: why should the State always want to take its share on everything and arrogate the right to classify what is national treasure and what is not?

To summarize: income taxpayers will have the choice between giving 100 to the state or 66 to Notre Dame and 34 to the state (or 75 and 25 to the state or even 90 and 10 to the State).

Remember that less than half of households pay income tax by playing with what politicians dare to call "tax justice".

This event shows, however, that Notre-Dame's repair costs could very well do without the national collection of Republic officials and the miracle of Saint Fisc.

Public money is not essential to everything

The miracle of Saint Fisc transforms private money, ugly and dirty, acquired by exploiting the poor and the weak, in good public money. Private money is purified when it is taken by the men of the state and transformed by the grace of the Eucharist of Bercy into public money distributed by the statesmen.

Public money is necessarily good because it is spent in the common interest.

This manipulation of the spirits carried to the height of a myth is without doubt the most successful operation of subversion of the last 20 centuries by the men of the State.

Private money corrupts, public money relieves. It is, however, exactly the same, but which has transformed itself by improving itself by the miracle of Saint Fisc.

(Theory of tax revolt – Issues and interpretation – Or why the tax revolt will not happen, Serge Schweitzer and Loïc Floury.)

This should make us think about the usefulness and the destination of our taxes. There is a national heritage without the state, many civilized countries have a cultural life without a Ministry of Culture.

Notre-Dame was built thanks to private initiatives and our national museums are full of works of art paid in time by patrons. People have the right to choose freely what they want to subsidize and maintain on their own money. The state does not have the monopoly of good taste.

Out of 1,000 euros in public spending, 22 euros are devoted to culture (excluding the operating costs of national museums), 2.5 times more than infrastructures such as public lighting.

Fewer taxes, less public spending, it could start with this: freedom of choice in the field of heritage and culture that do not need the state to exist, live and develop.


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