Our readers have tested the Honor View 10, here are their first impressions

Our readers have tested the Honor View 10, here are their first impressions

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The Honor View 10 made a big splash during its official announcement. The high-end smartphone brand is the first with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro to integrate artificial intelligence. Powerful, enduring and equipped with a quality camera it is offered at a very affordable price. If we were on our side seduced by the Honor View 10, we wanted to know the opinion of our readers. Three of them were able to test Honor’s smartphone. Here are their first impressions.

Presenting the Honor View 10 , the brand has designed the contours of its future smartphones: Honor will bet on artificial intelligence on its high-end models. During our test of View 10 we were seduced by this initiative. Besides, the smartphone convinced us. If its design is in our opinion rather basic (but neat) we were struck by its excellent performance, good autonomy, interface and camera.
Regularly, we invite our readers to put themselves in the shoes of a journalist tester. Not long ago, so we launched a call for application to test the Honor View 10 . Three reader-testers were selected: François, Benjamin and Julie were able to use the View 10 for several days. Before discovering their complete test, we suggest you read their first impressions, hot, after 24 hours of use.
“At the opening of the box we discover a smartphone more pleasing to the eye, really well finished” . This is how François summarizes his first impressions by discovering the Honor View 10. He also points out the “Beautiful quality of manufacture” of the smartphone. Good impressions shared by the other two reader-testers. Julie talks about a design “Rather modern, dark and classy” . For his part, Benjamin highlights the 18: 9 format that allows you to enjoy a “Big screen of 5.99 inches in a 5.5 inch smartphone body. He throws it! ” Benjamin adds.

While everyone believes that the design of the Honor View 10 is successful, it is not without flaws. Julie finds that “The phone is a little big for storage (pocket, purse)” . For François the “Design remains rather agreed” even if “The blue color gives it a nice touch of originality” . Benjamin, he regrets that the double photo sensor that “Exceeds somewhat and makes the phone a bit wobbly” . He nevertheless specifies that Honor provides in the box “A transparent soft protective shell, which partially curbs this problem” . On the other hand she “Hangs a lot of fingerprints” . Finally, Benjamin is happy to see the Honor View 10 “Still has a jack” .

Once switched on, the Honor View 10 continued to appeal to our readers. His “Screen is excellent” writes François. Benjamin talks to him about “The immensity of the screen” . Both readers agree that “The colors have glowing” . François particularly appreciated “The perfect brightness” and the “Tactile responsiveness” . Benjamin joins him and believes that “To avoid spoiling, the animations are fluid” . Julie, for her part, appreciated “The right size of the screen and the visual comfort it offers” .

Performance and interface
If Julie found “The interface of the Honor View 10 somewhat confusing at first” he stays “Easy to handle” . It is above all the fluidity of the smartphone and its responsiveness that surprised Julie. “Even in him asking a lot we see no slowdown in its use” . An opinion shared by François who “The reactivity is quite striking” . He specifies :
I used many Android smartphones. Many were upscale. I rarely had that feeling of speed.
Benjamin compared the performances of the Honor View 10 with those of his Asus Zenfone 4. If the 6 GB of RAM of the View 10 “Do not jump in the eyes, they guarantee a good aging of the whole” . Nevertheless, Benjamin admits that “The difference with the 4-month-old Asus Zenfone 4 is still felt. The start of the Honor View 10 is very fast and the animations are original and surprising » . According to Benjamin, “Facial recognition is effective” but he was even more seduced by the fingerprint reader which also makes “Trackpad office” .

If Benjamin was disappointed not to find the “double tap” function, François was seduced by “The many options to adjust the interface according to his tastes” . You will understand, our readers were conquered by the interface.
After 24 hours with Honor View 10 our readers-testers are generally seduced by the smartphone. If it is not perfect, the design of the terminal conquered them. Sober and elegant, it adopts a format that combines comfort and mobility. The screen was unanimous: its bright colors and brightness have particularly hit our readers. But it was especially the interface and performance of the Honor View 10 that pleasantly surprised our readers. Fast, responsive and intuitive, the smartphone has been quickly adopted by our readers. These good first impressions will have to be confirmed in a more in-depth test, coming soon.
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