Our robot says: Verbund, Bawag, Immofinanz and other stocks striking (#gabb Radar)

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On the radar: Verbund
Last 3 days in plus. The share gained 6.98 percent (individual days: 3.01; 2; 1.82). Increased 3.01 percent on Wednesday. The trading volume was 104% average daily turnover. Year-to-date, the share is 8.23 ​​percent down.
current indication: current indication: 40.40 / 40.94 change to last SK: -0.95%

On the radar: Bawag
Last 3 days in plus. The share gained 3.74 percent (single days: 1.11, 1.59, 1).
current indication: current indication: 31.94 / 32.02 change to last SK: 2.90%

On the radar: Immofinanz
Last 3 days in plus. The share gained 2.42 percent (individual days: 0.2, 0.66, 1.55).
current indication: current indication: 15.14 / 15.55 change to last SK: 0.76%

On the radar: Porr
Last 3 days in the minus. The share lost 4.21 percent (individual days: -1.09; -0.27; -2.89).
Current indication: Current indication: 14.62 / 15.00 Change to last SK: 1.72%

On the radar: Austrian Post
Last 3 days in the minus. The share lost 6.87 percent (individual days: -1.02; -1.17; -4.79).
current indication: current indication: 28.50 / 28.75 change to last SK: -1.80%

(The input from #gabb Radar for http://www.boerse-social.com/gabb from July 2nd.)

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Shares on the radar:Addiko Bank, Austrian post, Strabag, Warimpex, Rosenbauer, Agrana, Rosgix, Bawag, AMS, Erste Group, FACC, Vienna Airport, Frequentis, Lenzing, startup300, Rather S, Gurktaler AG strain.

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