Our Sunday evening movies – “The stuff of heroes”, on the way to space!

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The stuff of heroes ( ‘ The Right Stuff “In English) is certainly with Top Gun one of the films that most revitalized the model airplane and rocket market in the 1980s. What a sweet memory that that of the family sofa this Sunday evening in the early 1990s, a small plastic fighter to hand, when the reactors roared as much as possible in our CRT. I remember very well having learned what the sound barrier was by watching this film, which retraces from 1947 to 1963 the life of a few American hotheads in the air and then in space, in the brand new Nasa.

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“Dear lord, please don’t let me fuck up”, says astronaut Alan Shepard, about to become the first American in space. Like him, dozens of test pilots who have become astronauts have braved the skies, many have died. They had one goal: to push the limit. Push the sky a little higher, reach it a little faster and finally exceed it, to reach space, where the blue atmosphere becomes the floor.

The Mercury program, just before the Moon

After the air exploits, the film focuses on the Mercury program, intended to send Americans into orbit for the first time. It opened the door to the famous Apollo program, that is to say the conquest of the Moon. To play these crazy and intrepid men, great actors have donned flight suits, including Scott Glenn (Apocalypse Now, Hunting for Red October) or Ed Harris (The Truman Show, Abyss, Westworld and… Apollo 13 in another spatial role and Gravity as the voice of the NASA control center).

Watch The stuff of heroesis to immerse yourself in the space adventure with its victories and failures, with its dramas and moments of ecstasy. If you plan to see it again, we cannot recommend the original version in English too much (possibly with subtitles), as the French version distorts, as is often the case, certain scenes.

For its thirtieth anniversary, in 2013, the film was edited in Blu-ray by Warner Bros. Despite the technical optimizations, it retains basic defects, in particular a latent sexism – certainly realistic for the time – and a few lengths, which stretch it over three hours.

The trailer for the film in French…

…and in English :

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