Oursbelille. Maynats Autumn Festival

200… 300 kg?… Difficult to estimate the quantity of waste collected this Saturday, November 20 at Oursbelille! In any case, the forty or so participants of all ages will be able to certify that they have taken out all kinds of waste: construction site remains, tires, household appliances, etc. deposited by unscrupulous people on our forest tracks.

And as for the edge of our roads and streets, it is rather the “trifecta” cigarette butt / cans / masks that are most carelessly thrown by motorists.

But who were the valiant collectors? The initiative for this autumn festival comes from the association of parents of pupils Eths Maynats who wished to take advantage of the European Waste Reduction Week to raise awareness among the children of the municipality… and their elders. Associated with the famous group of Balad’ours, young and old alike have therefore walked through the village and the forest to remove the rubbish, often on points of unfortunate recurrent wild deposits that spoil the washhouse, the bowling alley, …

Far from being a chore, the atmosphere was very joyful with the satisfaction of carrying out a great action and creating links between families within the village. It should also be noted that the launch of the day was done with a nice breakfast offered by the village grocery store “C’est bio à croquer” which put everyone in good shape!

The Symat provided its logistics with harvest bags and information documents so that everyone can pursue the good gestures of zero or almost zero waste: Refuse / Reduce / Reuse / Repair / Recycle / Give back to the earth.

The pick-up was followed by a pleasant picnic and a “furoshiki” initiation workshop… Quesaquo? This is a Japanese wrapping technique that uses scarves or fabrics and avoids the waste of quantity of gift wrap. Ideal with the approach of Christmas and in addition it is beautiful!

Finally, the Balad’ours guided the participants on the newly marked forest trails of the town, the opportunity to discover the riches of our territory.

See you in spring 2022 to reiterate this useful initiative, the Maynats are counting on you!


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