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Good Morning,

Dear Reader, You believe politics is a hard, cold one
Business? One, dear reader, at every millimeter and every penny
is argued? Until last week I thought so too. Then I was allowed to do that
The emergence of inter-departmental, even tender friendship ties
experience – via Twitter,

It came to pass that Andreas
on a tweet of the culture authority for the free museum entrance on 31.
October responded as follows: "The day of the Reformation with @seeforfreehh was a really great success ",
he wrote as @ADressel, "as financial senator, we would like to help
to be able to keep it free of admission in 2019 :-)! "

Then Culture Senator answered Carsten Brosda: "Rather @ADressel, I'll come back for sure
back … [Zwinkersmiley] It's about access and relevance of the museums. Good, if @FHH_FB this is and helps. "

This in turn inspired the Finance Senator so much that he
wrote: "Gebonder, dear @CarstenBrosda! If we all finance and
However, cultural policy issues are always so simple and transparent
could … 🙂 "

Is not that wonderful? Anyway, I'm already looking forward to the
next budget negotiations. May the two continue to be with us
share a common (political) path!

Like, you need a handkerchief now …?

Let's talk about sex, baby!

we're just romantic: how often do you have sex? And how? And with whom? None
Worry, not we want to know that, but researchers at the University Hospital
Eppendorf. The GeSiD study to
Health and sexuality in Germany should be the first comprehensive picture of
Determine the love life of the Germans. By April 2019, the researchers want 5000
Adults from 18 to 75 years, including topics such as
Porn consumption, anal sex and other sexual preferences. The results of
Study should help to find suitable measures Prevention and treatment of diseases to develop. It will
high time, says Peer Briken,
Director of the Institute for Sexual Research and Forensic Psychiatry at UKE:
"One has to realize that we have been to Kinsey for so many years, the late 1940s
carried out his investigations in the USA, for Germany still not representative
Sex Survey
to be appropriate to important health issues
react, you can not get around a targeted data collection around. If you
However, someone is calling soon and breathing hard to your sexual preferences
you should still hang up without a word. The GeSiD researchers report in writing bothnationwide representative selected interview partners.
These will be around personal
asked in your own home. Becoming willing women
then visited by a researcher, male participant of a researcher.

Business Senator is angry about shore power

Speaking of love. One likes to
They think they are great, the Shore power plant
in Altona.
But she does not really make it easy for you. Exactly one ship,
the "AIDAsol", it currently uses regularly, a second, the "Europe 2" of
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, has just four test runs this year. past
Just 50 percent of the total was due to subsidized electricity prices
Operating costs brought in, the construction costs are not even trying that
because finally: pilot project! Now it came out that the
"AIDAsol" on their last five attempts just
each for 2.5 hours
supplied with shore power – of around twelve each
Hours lying time. The rest of the time the diesel generators crackled again.
This resulted in a small request from the left with the sleek title "How Much
Showbiz potential has the shore power plant in Altona? "Reason for the
Strom-Quickie is according to the Senate response introduced by the Federal Network Agency
"High load time window", which should control the power consumption in Germany. Becomes
In this time window electricity related network charges rise dramatically.
That's why the new Senator for Economic Affairs was "really annoyed" Michael Westhagemann according to German
Press Agency. "There you have to find a way, this problem
to be able to solve it as quickly as possible. "Westhagemann still wants a love withdrawal
Knowing nothing: Climate and environmental protection would cost money. Nevertheless, be
the shore power supply "a real, good and courageous step". Just now
a small step.

Environmental award for small projects with a big impact

But even small steps bring environmental protection forward – that has
the District school Horn recognized and
therefore saves CO2 at every turn. With the "Horn2Go-Cup"
She's the first Hamburger School to enter Pawn cup system
In addition, teachers and students rely on recycled
Writing material and better waste separation. For pure air fruit trees provide
the school grounds as well as an in-house bicycle project. Keep it up, say the Nabu and the company Globetrotter and recorded the district school on Saturday
the first place of the Hanseatic Environment Prize 2018. "The students
Students become active together, develop new ideas and inspire them too
Environment for the topic, "praised Tobias
Managing Director of Nabu Hamburg. The first place is endowed with
3000 euros. For the second place 2000 euros went to the Cargo bike "Klara". After the project of the ADFC it was convincing in earlier applications, it convinced
The jury this time as a good role model. The free loanable transport wheel, with
which even large purchases or relocations without a car are wuppbar, is so popular,
that it has already found imitators. The endowed with 1000 euros third place
the Hanseatic Environmental Prize goes to the family
Heinrichkowski from Wandsbek.
The has her property with old house, garage
and courtyard gradually transformed into a city oasis – with ecological
Energy supply, green roofs, planted courtyard and new living space for
Birds and insects.

Theater Prize for Barbara Nüsse

straight to the next award: The theater prize "The Faust" goes to the
Hamburg actress Barbara Nuts.
On Saturday, the 75-year-old became for her portrayal of the wizard Prospero
in "The Storm, A Lullaby for Suffering" on Thalia
honored. In the staging of Jette Steckel after the play of William Shakespeare
Nuts plays the main character. "Mischievous, brittle and gentle evokes these
Actress whole worlds with apparent ease, "it says in the
Reason of the jury for the award ceremony. "Alone with the language creates and
she envisioned her own play, fantasy and emotional space. "
German stage club, who awards the prize, thus appreciates the lifetime Achievement the actress.

When robots caress dying people

will we work in the future? The exhibition tries to answer this question Out of Office from Wednesday on in
Museum of work to answer. We have with the curator Mario Bäumer talking about robots, artificial intelligence and his feelings about the future.

Elbe pit: Mr. Bäumer, who has to be in the future
Are afraid of the robots?

Mario Bäumer: Fear is a bad guide. The exhibition is more likely to pursue this
The goal that we consider: how do we use the opportunities? All studies say
that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are not taking jobs away from us, but
Work will decrease. But we have to think as a society,
how we deal with occupations that can be completely automated.
Low earners with low educational qualifications are more affected

EV: Everyone else is safe?

Bäumer: Also
Doctors and lawyers will lose their jobs if they refuse to use AI
together. Algorithms can evaluate data much faster
helps with cancer cell recognition. A lawyer will soon no longer be infinite
Have to study legal texts. According to forecasts, in ten years, too
95 percent of the supermarket cashier will be replaced. The question is: do you have to
the use?

EV: But that will not be society
but the market.

Bäumer: The
To stick my head in the sand I still think wrong. In the exhibition
It's also about identifying ways to handle it.

EV: There were aspects that make you shudder

Bäumer: I
find the rating more interesting. We show a movie with a Japanese
Robot working in terminal care and caressing patient. The
caused me a certain horror, but a young intern said:
"Better than when nobody is there."

EV: Feel now looking forward to the

Bäumer: It
There are already many helpful things, such as robots that are in
Nuclear power plants look for incidents. Above all, I felt a kind
Total fascination with how rapidly technical development is proceeding. On the phone
It took 90 years for over 80 percent of people to use it. at
WhatsApp has done so within nine months.

EV: What is already done today, in 20
Years will be the order of the day?

Bäumer: In
big companies are interviewed by a robot,
which chooses the perfect candidate with an algorithm. That will unfortunately
unstoppable, because it brings an incredible time savings.
However, I would not know if I want to work with the perfect colleague
Or rather with the corners and edges. For me, that's not the question
Decisive how human the machines are, but that the people
not always becoming like machines.

You can hear more about this topic in the Podcast of colleagues from

Hamburger "world revolution" 100 years ago

Blohm + Voss shipyard workers disassemble their canteen, the night becomes the
Elbtunnel occupied, and soldiers are entrenched in front of the trade union building
behind a barricade of tram cars. What happened on November 5, 1918 in Hamburg unloaded, the city had never been
experienced. "In Hamborg is Revolutschon!" The
United wrath of sailors, soldiers and workers developed a tremendous
Stunner. But the red flag blew only briefly above the Hamburg city hall. How did the fire of the revolution stifle?
What role did the representatives of the economy play? Volker Ullrich shows in his text things that are still with us today
known – read in the current
Edition of ZEIT: Hamburg or – quite contemporary – here


Regional and seasonal in the Oberhafen

This door! From time to time she opens up, sometimes not back, bringing in not only goods, curious and hungry, but above all cold air. You order a tea. There is no fresh ginger, but a herbal tea from the house of Samova (2.80 euros) in the aluminum cup, and also the juice of the day with beetroot and fennel (4.20 euros) is warmed on request. The Hobenköök in the hitherto rather inanimate Oberhafen has been open since the summer and wants to be restaurant and market hall in one. In the back, regional and seasonal food is offered. Lunch is called "Middach", there are Havelland apple pork with roasted potatoes and vegetables (12.50 Euro) – the meat is excellent – and tofu-millet salad with cabbage and pepper (9.50 Euro). In the meantime, many ingredients are on the plate, and as if they have made peacefully, it does not dominate, but it also seems a bit indecisive. Just as the ensemble in the hall of a former freight yard did not really decide to be stylish, industrial or pithy.

Hobenköök; Oberhafen,
Stockmeyerstraße 43, lunch 12-15 clock

Elisabeth Garlic

What's going on

Seasoning reading: in the "Jewish Cookbook from Hamburg"
There are recipes from Hanseatic people from all over the world. Beyond the culinary world
It creates memories of the familiar, mixing them with new identities. book presentation
and conversation with the authors Gabriela Fenyes, Barbara Guggenheim and Judith Landshut.

country house
J. H. Baur
, Christian-F.-Hansen-Straße 19, 19 clock, admission free,
Registration under

Austin in concert: The foot stamps on the
Bass drum, fingers dancing over the guitar, and then that voice – Shakey
takes the hall as a one-man band. The musician from Austin
creates a unique mix of rock, blues, country.

Verdigris, Great Freedom 58,
8 pm, 25 Euro

What's coming

Reading against distress: The end of
Italian naval operation Mare Nostrum was the starting signal for the 2015 launch of the
society SeaWatch. He saves refugees in distress in the Mediterranean Sea
and supports the project "Pilot Initiative", whichwith planes behind
Refugee boats looking for. "Reading helps": charity reading with authors like
Isabel Bogdan and Simone Buchholz.

St. Catherine's Church
, Katharinenkirchhof 1, Tue, 19.30, 10 euros

Witnesses of the earth: They live massively
in the sea, consist of only one cell and leave behind 542 million
Years ago her housing; there is talk of foraminifera. Thanks to their remains know
humanity much about climate change and lifestyle. Lecture and Workshop of the
Nabu: "Foraminifera – Witnesses of Earth History".

Nabu office, Klaus-Groth-Straße 21,
Fri, 5 pm, free admission, registration until Wed at 040/69 70 890

Stage for Rogue: For the
Great entrepreneur Compass marriage is a company, feelings are a private matter. So
should also marry his daughter Lia quite "businesslike". Sure, that
goes wrong – but different than you think. "Hartenbreker – A better gentleman",
Rogue and social comedy.

, Heidi cable-Platz 1, premiere on Sun, 19.30, more
Appointments online, from 15,50 Euro

Hamburger Schnack

Friday evening at Gorch-Fock-Wall. On the walk very many visitors to the concerts in the Laeiszhalle; also two men of mature age. "Before, there were more cyclists here, many without light, and I'm surprised that they are still alive.says one. The other one then: "It's probably always new."

Heard by Hans-Joachim Müller

My city

View during early walk in the city park
© Horst-Dieter Martinkus

That was her again, the Elbe pit. Do you want us your opinion
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