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[Out of the box]”Extreme Murder” prides itself on the Spanish version of “John Wick”-20210618-Entertainment-Ming Pao Daily

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The box office of the director’s previous work was dismal

“Extreme Murder” is directed by the Spanish director Daniel Benmayor. He has directed the Holly Lee campaign film “Leaping Thieves”. At that time, it was starred by the popular actor Taylor Lautner (Taylor Lautner​) of “Vampire New Century”. The production cost was about 1100. Million US dollars (approximately 85.8 million Hong Kong dollars), and the global box office only received 3.34 million US dollars (approximately 26 million Hong Kong dollars), which was a dismal end. After 6 years of directing the tube, “Extreme Murder” takes the Spanish version of “John Wick”, which shows that the director’s ambition is not small.

The story tells the story of Teo Garcia as the gold medal killer of the Sopranos. He originally planned to wash his hands in the golden basin and spend the rest of his life with his son. But Lucello (Oscar Jaenada), the son of the gang talker, whom he has always regarded as his brother, suddenly rebelled and killed his father first Kill Max again. Although he was rescued, the latter witnessed the tragic death of his beloved son. In order to avenge Tian’s revenge, he teamed up with her daughter Maria (Andrea Duro). The two spent two years conspiring against Lucello. Just when everything was ready, the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes.

Action scenes pay tribute to “Killing God”

It is said that Max accidentally rescued the drug dealer Leon (Oscar Casas). Under the shadow of the bereavement, emotional projection appeared. However, because of Leon’s impulse, his revenge plan was exposed. Finally, come to the ultimate battle, two can only live one.

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There are many action scenes in “Extreme Murder”. From the opening scene, it tells that Max and Lucello work together to smash the enemy camp, to the large and small battles in the process of revenge, and even the final battle between good and evil. The level of bloody violence is comparable to that of “John Wick.” , There are even deliberate tributes.

For example, Teo Garcia, who was born as a stuntman, can kill in an instant by picking up any objects, including wall nails, garage repair tools, etc. However, the visual effects are too far from the “Kill” movie. Every time he is outnumbered by enemies, the fighting process is chaotic, and he is full of flesh and blood, but lacks violent aesthetics, even a Hong Kong-produced action movie decades ago. It’s not comparable.

The plot refutes self-sniffing

Take the finale of a life-and-death duel between Max and Lucello as an example. The two slashed with a katana. The process was lengthy and not exciting. It is mentioned in the play that Lucello once lived in Japan and it is understandable to use the katana as a weapon. , But what about Max? The audience looked at the two Spaniards who suddenly became Japanese swordsmen, and it felt quite abrupt. It would be better to bury themselves in hand-to-hand combat.

In terms of plot, “Extreme Murder” has a lot of refutations. Lucello sent a large number of killers to encircle Max. The latter was seriously injured and his son died tragically on the spot. Then the killer planted a bomb and destroyed the corpse. The screenwriter actually sneaked in with Maria. Inside the house, Max was easily rescued in an attempt to pass the hurdle.

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On the other hand, Max scammed his death in order to hide his identity, and spent two years with Maria, carefully planning a revenge plan, but exposed his whereabouts for the unfamiliar Lyon. The degree of anti-intellectuality is equally unacceptable.

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