outgoing majority-LREM duel in the canton of l’Arbresle (official)

New result in this departmental poll in the Rhône.

In the canton of l’Arbresle, no victory this Sunday, but a duel to come. It is the pair of the outgoing majority which arrives slightly at the head of the first round, since Pierre Varliette and Sarah Boussandel (LR-UDI) obtain 29.48% of the votes. The duo are ahead of LREM candidates Catherine Lotte and Morgan Griffond (28.12%), whom they will face next Sunday. The union of the left of Sheila McCarron and Joseph Volay (27.51%) and the RN of Patrice Brunier and Corinne Dulac (14.89%) remain at the dock.

The abstention reached 66.50%!