Outings – Leisure | Avignon: unusual objects reveal their poetry at the museum

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A salt flask, a face-to-hand, a stone to touch gold, an image stone, a cong, a wax case, a bird trough … From the collection of Paulette and Jean Angladon, the former owners of the place, these unusual objects invite to guess their name and their use at the Angladon Museum. Invented in the aftermath of confinement, the exhibition is designed as a game of puzzles, fun and family. The objects are arranged as in a laboratory, presented without a name, out of any context. On the walls, their names and functions are inscribed in a jumble. Enough to reveal the poetry of objects …

Angladon Museum, Jacques Doucet Collection, 5 rue Laboureur in Avignon accueil@angladon.com and 04 90 82 29 03.


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