Outrage in networks for prices to see Nadal in Argentina

In the final stage of his career, Nadal will star in five exhibitions in Latin America. The prices caused the anger of several followers in the networks

By iProfessional

04/10/2022 – 16,26hs

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, maximum winner of Grand Slam tournaments (22), will play an exhibition match against the Norwegian Casper Ruud at the Mary Terán de Weiss stadium in Parque Roca, next Wednesday, November 23. general tickets will go on sale on October 11 on the official website of Rafael Nadal, eight days after the start of the marketing of the VIP Experience.

Nadal, current number 2 in the world, and Ruud (3) know what it is like to play in Argentina and be protagonists, since both played and won the ATP in Buenos Aires. Also met in this year’s Roland Garros final, which speaks of the rivalry between the two and their hierarchy within the circuit.

Is about the last time Nadal played before the public in Argentina, in a kind of farewell after accompanying his eternal rival and friend Roger Federer, in his retirement as a professional in London just a few weeks ago.

Fight for the prices to see Rafael Nadal in Argentina

See Rafa Nadal, in what could be his last performance in Argentina, It won’t be cheap for the fans. Prices vary by location and another option called “VIP Experience” was added.

Tickets to see the exhibition between Spanish and Casper Ruud in Buenos Aires they will have the following prices:

  • High Elbow: 30.000 pesos
  • High Plateau: 45.000 pesos
  • Low Elbow: 60.000 pesos
  • Lower Plateau: 80.000 pesos
  • VIP experience: 360.000 pesos

Social network users did not hesitate to show their anger or joke about the high costs

Social network users did not hesitate to show their anger or joke about the high costs of the event.

The option of VIP experience has a high cost because it includes -beyond the game- the possibility of share a gala dinner with the tennis players. Access to boxes, official merchandising of the event and a private tennis clinic will be available as spectators, among other benefits.

The price of tickets causes outrage in the networks

When confirming the high values ​​of tickets to see Rafael Nadal in Argentina, tennis fans did not hesitate to show their rejection and they did not miss the opportunity to make a joke about it.

“With the VIP you can play a game to Nadal”, “0 was stuck” or “For what comes out, you pay a ticket to Paris”, are some of the opinions of Twitter users who They practically rule out attending the event for the value of the tickets.

Regardless of the prices, it is about the last time Nadal would visit the Latin American region as a professional tennis player. The winner of 1,066 matches and 92 titles in his career comes from saying goodbye to his eternal partner, Roger Federer in his retirement, which reminded him that the end of his career is not that far away and he has five exhibitions planned in South America (Bogotá, Quito, Belo Horizonte, Mexico City and Argentina).

Nadal will land in Argentina after eight years to play an exhibition against Ruud in Buenos Aires.

Nadal will visit Argentina after eight years to play an exhibition against Ruud in Buenos Aires.

The former world number 1 and historic winner of Roland Garros (he won the tournament 14 times) will return to Argentina after eight years, when in 2013 he arrived to accompany David Nalbandian in his farewell as a professional player.